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What are Qi Chargers?

Qi chargers allow mobile phone users to charge wirelessly on contact by placing their devices on top of a Qi charging pad or station. Believe it or not, Qi “chee” wireless technology has been around for a few years, going unnoticed in electric toothbrushes and other consumer devices. First installed in some airports in 2014, Qi charging stations became available to Android Smartphone users at that time.

When Apple added a Qi compatibility feature to the iPhone 8, Qi chargers really began to take off and are now among some of the most popular wireless chargers on the market. Now available on most newer Android models as well as iPhone 8 and newer models, Qi chargers are more popular than ever, allowing users to charge their mobile phones on contact.

How do they work?

Qi chargers work with something called induction coils. These are wire loops that are built into the charging pads as well as compatible mobile devices. The base station (charging pad) is the transmitter, while the mobile device is the receiver. This technology allows a phone user to place his or her device on top of the charging pad to begin to charge immediately. There is no need for a lightning cord or brick, as the phone begins charging just by resting on top of the charging pad. Please note that while the Qi charger eliminates the need for a lightning cable between a phone and the charger, the charger must be plugged in to a power source to operate.

Qi chargers are a current technology trend both in the promotional products world, and in retail. As you can imagine, such technology holds many possibilities for promoting your brand. Luckily, Crestline has many unique products that can help you uncover these possibilities while still remaining on budget.

Traditional (Under $15)

Most people in the market for Qi chargers are looking for the traditional charging pad. You could go for a recognizable, under $10 product like our circular Qi Wireless Charging Pad and Retro Wireless Charger.  These two options offer a classic Qi charger look without breaking the bank.

Corporate (Over $15)

Technology items make great corporate gifts, and Qi chargers are no exception. Opt for the sleek look of the iLuv® branded charger or add extra product functionality with the 2-in-1 Mouse Pad and Qi Wireless Charger. We also offer gift options for companies who are going for a more elegant, fashionable look. If yours is one of these companies, then perhaps the Tiki Natural Wood charger might be the best choice for you!


Let your brand stand out from all the rest with our selection of unique Qi chargers that your customers, competitors, and associates will have a hard time finding anywhere else. For those on-the-go, we offer the Clip ‘n’ Charge Phone Mount which clips to a car’s vent and holds and charges a mobile phone. We also have power banks such as the Frost White 4000 mAh Wireless Charger which allows anyone to charge their device without needing a separate power source either through Qi technology or using a traditional USB cable.

Give Your Brand a Boost with a Charging Station

Another unique idea is to provide Qi technology to customers at your location while they eat, shop, or wait around. Let multiple customers charge up at once with multi-faceted pads for either two or five devices. If single device chargers are a more viable option, the Empower Stand-Up Wireless Charger is also a great way to provide charging capabilities to your client while they indulge in your product or service.

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