In response to recent environmental and marine safety concerns, several restaurant and coffee chains, and even some cities, have banned the distribution of plastic straws. Luckily, there is an excellent, eco-friendly solution out there—reusable stainless steel straws. Promotional stainless steel straws are great for giving out to customers to keep and reuse, making them a great giveaway for them, and a great marketing tool for you! Here are some ideas on how to use stainless steel straws to promote your brand:

1) A Fun Customer Giveaway

Provide reusable straws to customers at your restaurant or coffee shop as a fun and eco-friendly promotion and an incentive to come back for a future visit. Choose a color that complements your establishment’s logo and décor. Offer one free straw with every beverage purchase for a great promotion!

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2) A Party/Event Favor

Use stainless steel straws as a memento for corporate parties, weddings, and fundraising galas. Available in a variety of shiny, metallic colors, add your name and the date of your event on them, to make for an unforgettable event!

3) An Eco-Friendly Gift Set

Combine these straws with other promotional drinkware such as a stainless steel copper insulated bottle for a thoughtful thank you or welcome gift. Both are reusable and reduce the need for plastic straws as well as throwaway cups and plastic water bottles. This is a great option for companies with sustainable practices to give out to customers and employees.

4) A Trade Show Giveaway

Trade show planners can give away reusable straws to participants by placing them at beverage stations throughout their events. You can even give them away at your trade show booth for a giveaway that people will definitely keep and use. They are sure to be a great conversation starter!

5) A Take-Home Gift for Annual Meetings/Conferences

Place a straw with the name and date of your conference or meeting in a glass at every place setting for a unique and useful take-home gift.

 6) An Education Giveaway

Provide imprinted stainless straws as an alternative to the throwaway kind at school events like ice cream socials, barbecues, graduation parties, and even prom, for a simple and affordable giveaway that students and staff alike can use and enjoy both now and in the future!

2 Responses to “6 Uses for Promotional Stainless Steel Straws: A Great Alternative to Plastic”

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    I work for the City of Fort Lauderdale and we are interested in steel straws. Are you able to send me one so we can see what it looks like. It will help us make a decision if it is something we want to purchase.

    Thanks Carla Foster

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    Hi Carla, we can certainly help you to order a sample of the stainless steel straws to try out! I have sent your information over to our customer service team and Tabatha will help you from there! Thank you for your interest!

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