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As our society becomes more and more technologically advanced, so do the techniques of criminals who seek to steal our identities and defraud us. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses radio waves to wirelessly transmit data. While RFID technology can be used for good, it can also be used to collect private information without your permission. RFID-blocking products prevent the hijacking of digital data from personal items such as credit cards, passports and driver’s licenses.

Additionally, anti-fraud ink prevents forgeries and “check-washing,” a technique where chemicals are used to erase writing on a check with the intent to commit fraud. Luckily, there are a number of ways we can protect ourselves. Protect your identity with one of our anti-fraud items.


Item #115468, KANGA™ PROtect with RFID Security

RFID Protection Card Holders:    

  • Tech pockets are one of the most popular giveaway items on the market, but not all of them come equipped with the RFID protection of the Kanga™ PROtect. This spandex tech wallet both sticks securely to your device and can hold more than five cards. It also has a divider to organize the items inside. Most importantly though, the Kanga™ PROtect features RFID protection to prevent information on the cards inside from being stolen. Rest easy knowing that you and your clients are protected with this special tech wallet.
  • If you would prefer a stand-alone card holder with a sleeker, more professional appearance, look no further than the Leather RFID Card HolderThis slim, genuine leather holder has 5 pockets to hold all of your important cards while protecting them from anyone who might try to steal your information.
  • Due to passports containing information that is valuable to thieves, airports are common hangout spots for those attempting to access RFID tags illegally. Provide protection on your next trip with the Leather RFID Passport Holder or RFID Memo Book & Travel Case. These genuine leather cases contain a booklet for note taking and plenty of space to store important items. Safely carry your passport, cards, and other documents through the terminal knowing that your information is well protected.

Item #121207, Computer Backpack Briefcase with RFID Pocket

RFID Protection Packs:

  • If you’re in need of a bigger place to contain your valuables and other items, consider the RFID Pocket Waist Pack. This adjustable waist pack keeps your items in view and on you at all times while also providing RFID protection for maximum security.
  • Alternatively, store more items in the Computer Backpack Briefcase with RFID Pocket or RFID Drawstring Backpack. These bags both provide ample space to store belongings and both make perfect carry-on bags when traveling. The computer backpack can easily carry a 17” laptop and all of your other gadgets. It also features a USB charging port and cable. The drawstring backpack is a similar size with a convenient drawstring composition that makes it easy to retrieve belongings. Both bags feature a secret RFID-protected pocket to store important cards and documents in.

Item #110190, The Maestro Pen – Tropical Colors

Privacy & Anti-Fraud Items

  • Prevent anyone from accessing your webcam and invading your privacy with the Protective Webcam Cover. This product attaches securely to nearly any device. Slide the cover open when you wish to use your camera, and slide it closed to return to privacy. A webcam cover is an affordable solution to a recent confidentiality concern.
  • Shop our selection of pens with anti-fraud ink. This special type of ink cartridge has been tested to verify its resistance to several methods used by those who try to “check-wash” in order to forge their own information. Choose among many pen varieties to find the one that best fits your brand and let your clients stay protected.

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