Office morale does more for an organization than just creating a positive work environment; studies show it also increases productivity. Here are some great team-building exercises that can be built into the day to welcome a new team member, reward a team for a job well done as well as to add in some breaks for fun when everyone is working hard- and all involve sticky notes!

1) Sticky Note Shout Outs

One way to build morale on your team is to leave a sticky note shout out on your employees or co-workers’ desks. Giving out compliments for a goal reached or a recent accomplishment can go a long way! These recycled Post-It® Pads are a great option.

 2) Figure out the Phrase/ How Many Different Sentences

This group exercise works like this and is a great way to kick off a group or team meeting: one person is designated the leader, who puts words on sticky notes on a white board in random order. Have the group work together either to put the scrambled words in order, or ask them to work together to create as many sentences with the words as they can.

3) Team Accomplishments and Milestone Board

Create two columns, one for accomplishments and one for goals. Choose a timeframe and ask the team to reflect on accomplishments and milestones from the past year as well as to think about goals for the future, writing each one down on a sticky note (check out these custom puzzle-shaped notes). Group similar responses together and point out the ways that your team has succeeded and is in sync with one another.

4) Fun Facts

Ask each team member to write one “fun fact” about themselves on a sticky note (try this colorful version) that he or she doesn’t think anyone knows about them. Collect the sticky notes and post them anonymously on the board. Have team members vote for whom they think wrote each fun fact. After tallying the votes, have the person who wrote it reveal themselves- a great ice breaker and fun way to get to know each other better.

 5) Guess the Celebrity- Who Am I?

Write down names of famous people on sticky notes and stick one to the back of each team member. Have people circulate around the meeting room, having team members ask each other questions while trying to guess their own celebrity identity. This activity is a great way to welcome new team members and add some fun to a long day of workshops or meetings. These sticky notes come in a variety of shapes that can add even more fun to the exercise.

 6) Brainstorming Activity

Sticky notes are also great way to organize ideas when tackling a “big idea” or solving a problem. The following brainstorming technique is easy and effective:

  1. Write or display the name of project, idea or problem on the board.
  2. Ask everyone to write as many ideas as they can generate on a sticky note; there can never be too many.
  3. Group sticky notes on the board by similar ideas.
  4. Work together to improve, vote on and select best ideas.
  5. Take pictures of the final result and distribute.

This sticky note pad also makes a great conversation starter.

7) Find Your Other Half

Designate a leader to write down things that come in pairs on brightly-colored sticky notes, for example, salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, horse and carriage, etc. and stick one to each participant’s back. Team members must circulate, asking each other questions about what is written on their back, and once they figure it out, they must find their match. Can be a great ice breaker or else just a fun break activity in the office or outside on a nice day!

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