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The word “work” isn’t usually synonymous with fun, but it can be! Adding a little bit of fun into the workday can motivate your employees to be more productive and can boost workplace morale. Building a positive work environment is better for everyone involved and can be a huge factor in retaining your most valuable asset- a hardworking and trustworthy staff. Here are 7 ideas to help you do just that:

Special Days

Break up the office routine by throwing a pizza or ice cream party. It is a nice opportunity for employees to spend time together doing something fun and it is a great way to thank your staff for meeting their goals.

Staff Shout-Outs

Recognize staff and celebrate successes with shout-outs. Ask employees to generate new ideas and then place them on a sticky note and attach it to a bulletin board. Did an employee go above and beyond what is expected of them? Leave them a “Way to Go!” sticky note, sticker or balloon at their work area.

Small Tokens of Appreciation

Promotional products are a fun and affordable way to show your appreciation and bring a smile to your employees’ faces. Who could resist a grinning MopTopper™ pen or a cute, themed stress reliever? Other ideas include PopSocket™ phone holders and fidget spinners, as both are wildly popular with people of all ages!

Work Apparel

Work apparel is a great way to recognize your team and make them feel like part of a cohesive group. Choose bright-colored t-shirts with your company logo on the front and add a fun or motivational message on the back. Designate days where everyone comes to work wearing their custom tees.

Fun & Games

Encourage time for fun and camaraderie by placing games in break rooms and other common areas. Beanbag Toss, Wooden Ring Toss, and Wooden Lawn Dice are all games that can be played inside with teams.

Contests and Prize Wheel

Design contests that encourage a sense of fun and friendly competition, such as craziest hat, best Halloween costume, and cutest baby picture. Use a prize wheel on Fridays to choose employees at random to receive an appreciation gift such as a gift card, wine and cheese basket or movie tickets.

Bring your Dog to Work Day

Pets bring positivity to our lives at home and allowing employees to bring their furry best friend to work is a thoughtful and caring gesture. To celebrate this special event, hand out treats to your four-legged visitors.

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