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The holidays represent fun, festivity, and celebration, but often they are also accompanied by competing demands, such as work vs. family, generosity vs. financial responsibility, and fitness vs. indulgence. Expectations of perfection can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed! Help your team mitigate holiday stress with these soothing tactics and tools:

1. Take time out. With several consecutive weeks of special events and gift giving, it can be difficult both to focus and to relax—but practicing self-care is essential during this busy season. Turn an office or other workplaces into a frenzy-free zone with essential oils and calming coloring books. Just 15 minutes of quiet alone time can make a big difference to wellbeing.

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2. Avoid interpersonal drama. When surrounded by people and activity, it’s easy to become entangled in social tensions and competition. After all, none of us is at our best when tired and under pressure! Avoid discussing controversial subjects with colleagues and at parties, and disengage when squabbles or debates do occur.

3. Resist perfectionism. Just because advertising and social media tell us the holidays should be perfect, we don’t have to believe them! Encourage appreciation of joys and blessings, as well as maintaining perspective about what’s truly important this season (and the rest of the year). Hint: It’s not the office gift exchange or a flawless chocolate mousse!

4. Get enough sleep. Sacrificing sleep is a guaranteed recipe for reducing your ability to tolerate stress. Challenging situations have a tendency to get blown out of proportion if emotional and physical reserves are low, so it’s crucial to maintain nighttime routines or at least squeeze in a nap when needed.

5. Stay physically active. Exercise is a tried-and-true method for managing stress, countering exhaustion, and releasing endorphins that stave off the blues. When winter weather strikes, indoor workouts are critical. Facilitate them by keeping a yoga mat handy. Stress balls and fidget spinners can also relieve pent-up frustration, making them excellent choices for holiday favors and giveaways.stress ball

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