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Summer’s in session, but we’re already looking ahead to fall and the back-to-school rush. From kindergarten to college, we have products that will help new students settle in while showing off some school pride:

Elementary School
Young students are the perfect audience for our cute and cuddly Paws n’ Claws drawstring backpacks and lunch bags, which are both available in a variety of animal designs. Match the style of these bags to a much-loved mascot or favorite classroom pet to help youngsters feel comfortable in a new classroom environment.

Or, try gifting students with this spin on the classic brown paper bag that can be decorated and reused. Provide students with a box of crayons and have them each design their own bag. Then, call a group circle and ask students to present their masterpieces to the class for a fun first-day show-and-tell.

Middle School
Make the transition from elementary school to middle school a little smoother with a scavenger hunt to get students acclimated to a new layout and environment. At the beginning of the day, break students up into teams designated by differently colored T-shirts or sunglasses. Have each team follow clues to various stations around campus, collecting useful materials like organizational folders and colorful calculators at each stop. For the last clue, direct all teams to the lunchroom for a get-to-know-you pizza party!

High School
Tech-savvy teens will appreciate phone accessories that make their lives a little easier (not during class time, of course!). The PopSocket™ sticks on the back of a phone or tablet and provides a reliable grip or media stand. Or, customize portable phone chargers so students can keep their phones juiced up during long days. Pair either of these giveaways with a social media contest where students snap pictures of their school for a chance to win additional swag or special privileges.

When it comes to connecting with college students, caffeine is key. This travel mug is sure to be a hit with tired students looking for an easy way to tote large cups of coffee around campus. On the first day of classes, try this welcoming gesture: set up a beverage bar in the student lounge and have students fill up branded mugs and cups with coffee and tasty toppings to enjoy before their morning lecture.

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