Woman speaking with megaphoneDid you know that there are over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered in the US? With so many worthy causes hoping to gain support from donors, it is important to get creative when amplifying your message. Here are a few tips for effective non-profit marketing:

Sell Some Swag
Bring your logo to life by selling items like T-shirts, hats, water bottles, mugs and bracelets on your website as a way to raise funds. Consider creating benchmarks to give people a tangible idea for how their money will be used (“500 T-shirts sold allows us to provide one village with drinking water for a month,” etc.). Every piece of merchandise sold and used will also help raise awareness and garner supporters.

Get Social Media Savvy
Social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter, are ideal for promoting your cause and keeping people engaged with updates, blog posts, event photos, questionnaires, and videos. Start by inviting existing members and ask them to share content with a custom hashtag to increase your organization’s visibility and reach. Facebook even has a “give” button for registered nonprofits, which can be implemented during online campaigns to help collect donations.

Try Tabling
Old school? Maybe, but effective nonetheless. The key is to look professional so people take your cause seriously. Order a branded table throw, cover it with pamphlets and flyers explaining your initiative, have an email signup list handy and consider handing out inexpensive giveaways like magnets or pens, which have an exceptionally low cost-per-impression.

Hold an Event
Get involved with your community by sponsoring or hosting an event relevant to your cause. Talks featuring guest lecturers, documentary screenings and themed happy hours are all great, inexpensive ways to engage with current and potential members. Feeling particularly inspired? Stock up on signs, grab a megaphone and start planning the rallying cry for a peaceful protest in your area—exercising your First Amendment right is a timely, thrifty way to get some attention for your cause.

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