The Yukon Tumbler

When it comes to promotional products, we know that you are always trying to find the latest and greatest items to delight your customers, clients, employees, and partners. One of the things our customers are always looking for are products that mimic current retail trends that are available for customization.

At Crestline, we do our best to stay as up to date as we can with everything that is trending in retail from colors and material to current technology and apparel styles. We get excited when we get to deliver you items that we know your customers already have their eyes on.

A recent trend that has been flooding the market lately is insulated stainless steel drinkware. You’ve probably heard about these. They’re rugged. They’re durable. Most of all, they keep your beverages cold for over 24 hours and hot for hours. Drinkware items of this variety are popping up at retailers everywhere and generally sell for $20 – $40 for one piece of drinkware.

Pairing your logo with the hottest retail trends is a great way to get noticed and be remembered. We have found great options for copper lined, double-wall insulated tumblers that are essentially the same product as top branded versions but at a fraction of the price and customized with you own logo.

What Makes These Drinkware Items So Different?


Insulated stainless steel drinkware has become such a hot trend because of their ability to maintain your beverages temperature for longer than typical travel mugs or water bottles. They are double- wall vacuum insulated and lined with copper which gives it insulating properties like no other.  The stainless steel body also makes them incredibly durable.

Our Yukon Tumbler is available in both 20 oz. and 30 oz. sizes; each size will keep your drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 5.5 hours. Everyone in our office was given the 20 oz. version and we were all amazed by this tumblers ability to keep our drinks ice cold, even on the hottest days of the summer.

One customer was curious to see for themselves if this tumbler really could compete with the quality of top branded tumblers that are available on the retail market and they were impressed with their results.

The company produces coolers for major food industry companies and they were looking for a gift to give to potential clients that would be just as impressive as their own products.

When they reported back to their promotional product expert at Crestline, they informed us of their test.  They filled our Yukon tumbler up with ice and put it in a room that is held at 75% humidity for 24 hours and at the end of the test, there was still ice in the tumbler. They also put it in a salt spray room for 5 days and 8 hours and it was primarily resistant to rust except for a small area at the bottom where two pieces of stainless attach. In addition, they also did a 10-foot drop test to get a sense of durability and it didn’t dent.

We are confident in the quality of these items and their ability to be compatible with the retail brands that your customers love. If you are looking for the same wow factor, but without the large price tag, our Yukon tumbler is a great solution.

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