Don’t let the start of the school year take you by surprise, start preparing now and enjoy the best days of summer that still are still ahead of us. When thinking about the essentials that you need for back to school season, backpacks, notebooks, a calculator, pencils may all come to mind, but we’ve put together a list of a few additional locker essentials that will help your student be prepared for the day to day proceedings of life at school!

The Locker Checklist—10 Must-Have Items

  1. Academic Planner – Balancing homework assignments, extracurricular activities and a personal life can be difficult. Academic planners are an easy way to encourage scheduling and time management. Students can use the planner to keep track of assignments, due dates, practices, and anything else.
  2. Water Bottle – Busy students don’t have time to stop at a water fountain every time they need a drink! Keeping a water bottle available in a locker or backpack is a good way to guarantee that appropriate hydration is always easy.
  3. Hoodie – It may seem like t-shirt weather outdoors, but indoors, air conditioning can make you go from sweltering to shivering in a matter of minutes. Being cold in class can be distracting, keeping a comfortable sweatshirt accessible will help to keep students focused.
  4. Lunch Box – Whether you bring a lunch from home to school or not, keeping a lunch box packed with some easy-to-grab snacks inside can help to tide your busy student over between meals or in between school and after school activities.
  5. Locker Mirror – Make it easy for students to freshen up between classes with a magnetic locker mirror. Locker mirrors attach easily to the inside of a locker or door and can also be used to hold notes and other papers.
  6. Sanitizer/ Lip Balm – Hand sanitizer is always a good item to keep on hand, especially in crowded areas such as schools. Throughout the school day, students come across with many different people and things and germs spread quickly! Sanitizer can help to combat these germs. One of our favorite hand sanitizers also comes packaged with a built in lip balm which is also convenient for dry chapped lips.
  7. Power Bank – Stay fully charged even on long days by storing a power bank in your locker for when you need a power boost! With early mornings and late extracurricular activities, it is easy for cell phone batteries to run low. Power banks can provide the extra boost needed to make it through the whole day.
  8. Pen / Pencil Set – This handy set will help students tackle any assignment. The locker is a perfect place to keep an extra pen and pencil if needed. This sets plastic container ensures that it stores and travels easily.
  9. USB Flash Drive – From backing presentations to sharing documents, USB flash drives are always good to have in an educational setting because they can be used to transfer work and information between school and home.
  10. Magnetic Chalkboard – Magnetic chalkboards are a fun way to communicate notes and share reminders. Easily stick this magnetic chalkboard to locker doors or inside walls.

Customize these locker must-haves for your students just in time for the back to school season. For questions about putting your school logo on promotional products contact one of our experts now!

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