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Security and Identity protection continue to be growing concerns for the American population as cases of identity theft and other personal security breaches become more and more common. Criminals have found intelligent ways to take your personal information and use it to their own advantage.

One problem area that has led to compromised bank accounts and fraudulent spending is check fraud. Criminals are able to use chemicals to erase ink from your personal checks and change check dates, amounts and who the check was made out to all without damaging the check. This same method can be used to erase ink from other legal documents and prescription pads as well.

If you work in an industry where fraudulent activity could take place by removing written information from paper documents, Anti-Fraud Ink could be valuable to your security and credibility.

What is Anti-Fraud Ink and how can it protect you?

Anti-Fraud ink is engineered to be resistant to fading and erasing. It is an important quality to consider if you work often with sensitive documents that require handwritten signatures or other handwritten information. You can protect yourself, your clients and your business by using anti-fraud ink on all of your important documents, checks and anything else that contains written information that cannot be altered.

What does Anti-Fraud Ink do?

Anti-fraud Ink is formulated to resist water, fading and erasing. It helps to prevent check and document fraud by trapping the ink into the paper. It is also ideal for record keeping since the ink will not fade like traditional inks eliminating the risk of anyone re-entering or altering of information.

How can you find anti-fraud ink?

Crestline offers a selection of quality pens in agreeable price ranges that offer anti-fraud ink options. Anti-fraud ink is only available in Black. You can find our pens that come standard with anti-fraud ink  here.

For additional questions on anti-fraud inks or other standard ink choices, please feel free to contact one of our promotional product experts or reach out in the comments below.

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