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Ah, summer! The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising, but unfortunately, your workers may be slacking. With the glorious warmth of summer comes a slump in employee engagement. Staying engaged and productive can be hard for employees when the distraction of a beautiful summer day is just outside the office doors.

Use the summer weather and your employee’s desire to be outside as an opportunity for team building. Team building activities and corporate outings are an effective way to unite teams of any size, to refresh focus, and to have a little bit of fun! Your team will return from their outing feeling energized and appreciated.

The perfect summer outing will vary by region and team. If your team is very large, consider having employees vote on what they want to do so you can ensure maximum participation and enjoyment.  If you have a smaller team and are more aware of their personal interests, think of something you know they would love to do in their free time and turn it into an activity for the whole team.

Here are 12 summer team building activities to get you started:

  1. Host your own Olympics: Divide your employees up into teams and have them compete against each other in a variety of different events. Your activities will get employees active and allow them to enjoy the weather while the competitive edge will keep things interesting. Allow your employees to dress in comfortable activewear and provide them with customized T-shirts to wear during events. You can choose to have this be one full-day event or drag it on throughout the week doing a few activities per day.
  2. Company Barbecue or Picnic Lunch Cook-Off: Spice up the traditional idea of a company barbecue or picnic by turning it into a challenging cook-off! Let each employee bring a dish and have everyone vote on which one is their favorite. Potluck styled lunches have a close family feel, and allowing everyone to bring a dish provides more variety than your typical picnic. Gift everyone who participates a customized lunch bag or cooler that they can use for lunches in the future.
  3. A Beach Excursion: If your region has a beach or a lake nearby, take a trip there and provide employees with activities to participate in like paddleboarding, kayaking, or beach volleyball. Your employees will thank you for providing them with an exciting day in the sun and will remember the experience for the rest of the year. When you get to your beach destination, give each employee a beach towel with your company’s logo on it.
  4. Attend a local sporting event: Does your region have a sports team that everyone is crazy about? Coming from New England, we know that the majority of our employees would jump at the chance to go to a Red Sox game. Attend a local game as a group and bond over peanuts and cracker jacks! Wear caps sporting your brand’s logo to the game.
  5. A Local Scavenger Hunt: Being part of a company means understanding its roots. Not everyone who is employed at your company is from the area or knows the history of your city. Create a scavenger hunt around your area that requires your employees to really think about the history and hidden gems that your location has to offer. Not only is this a great opportunity for your employees to work together, but it is also a fun way to learn more about other businesses in the area. Send your scavengers out into the town with customized drawstring backpacks so they can share your logo along the way.
  6. Learn Together: Treat your employees to an educational opportunity. Sign up for a class that everyone can take—it does not have to be work-related, it could be for cooking, painting or learning how to code! Expanding your employee’s skills outside of what they need to complete their daily tasks can be an enriching experience for everyone. Give employees a customized notebook and pen to take with them.
  7. Visit a Nearby Attraction: Get out of the office and visit a theme park, National Park, trampoline gym, laser tag facility, escape room or any other fun attractions that you have within driving distance. Employees will let loose and have the opportunity to connect with co-workers who they may not normally connect with on a regular basis. Give everyone a pair of promotional sunglasses to wear to your chosen attraction.
  8. Help out a Charitable Cause: Bring your employees closer by volunteering for a cause that is close to your community. Maybe someone internally has a cause that is close to their heart that everyone can commit time to, or perhaps there is a charity or event in your area that could use some help. This activity will get people out of the office and into the community. After spending the day making a difference, they will return to work feeling proud and rejuvenated.
  9. Take a Hike: Enjoy nature by taking all of your employees out on a hike. A challenging hike is a good way to push employees physically and mentally. During their time away from the office, employees will be able to enjoy nature while still feeling accomplished. Have a picnic at the summit to allow adequate time for employees to relax and enjoy the scenery. Provide each employee with a water bottle before you hit the trail.
  10. Celebrate Your Success: Celebrate everything that your team has accomplished so far this year. Recognize employees that have made large strides for the company. Employee recognition is one of the best ways to motivate your team and keep them working hard throughout the duration of the year. During your celebration, provide a catered lunch and group activities. Reward their hard work with a gift bag like the Fantastic Five Kit to really show your appreciation.
  11. Host and Employee Talent Show: Your employees have talents outside the office that many of their co-workers may not be aware of. Summer is a great time to host an employee talent show where your staff members can express a talent that they have outside the workplace. This will help to connect employees who never knew they had shared interests. Getting up on stage and performing something you’re good at can be scary, but liberating!
  12. Half-Day Fridays or Early Release Friday: Summer is a busy time for travel and activities outside of work. The warm weather allows families to get outside and enjoy time together doing whatever makes them happy. Give your employees the gift of time during the summer months by participating in early-release Friday’s or half-day Fridays. Not every company can function if their whole staff were to take off early every Friday, but if you can, take advantage of it. This is one perk that employees will wholeheartedly thank you for.

What does your company do to keep employees motivated throughout the summer? Share in the comments below! If you are looking for customized gifts or giveaways for your corporate activities this summer, contact one of our promotional product experts or shop online now.

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