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For the past decade, a new trend has been sweeping across the country. Chances are you’ve already noticed—the trend is the fun run, or the non-traditional run such as charity walks, color runs, and other fun themed runs. The organization, Running USA, says, “since 2009, the estimated number of finishers of non-traditional runs has grown from the low six figures to over 4 million in 2013.”

Fun runs differ from traditional running events because of the audience that they attract. Those who participate in fun runs are less serious about running as a sport and are participating more frequently for the social experience or for a cause that is close to them. Despite the fact that these runners may not necessarily care about how quickly they make it past the finish line, they still show up inspired to have fun and participate.

Due to the popularity of this growing industry, non-traditional runs are diversifying even further and are now spanning to include swimming, cycling, obstacle courses and more. As the industry continues to grow each year, so does the need for innovation, corporate sponsors, and next level attractions.

Why Sponsor a Charity Walk?

Although charity walks are rising in popularity, they are not exactly cost effective for nonprofit groups.  Hosting a walk or run often requires closing a road, security, human capital to help with organizing the event, marketing the event, additional fundraising efforts and registration. Becoming a sponsor is a great way to give back to an organization that needs it and in addition, it is a great way to get your business involved with the community and spread awareness about what you do!

Sponsors help to make charity walks more successful, step up to the challenge by donating items like t-shirts, water bottles and awareness wristlets to a charity walk or run happening near you! The great part about donating these kinds of goods is that there is always room to include your logo along with the organization that you are helping.

How Can Promotional Products Play a Role in Non-Traditional Runs?

Promotional products are popular at fun runs because of the nature of this type of event. Many fun runs include a T-Shirt upon registering as well as gift bags and other giveaways upon completion of the run. Promotional products are also a strong opportunity for local businesses and corporate companies to sponsor fun runs and charity walks.

Promotional giveaways can serve as an incentive to finish the run or walk for those non-serious runners who may need that extra motivation. They also help to build stronger awareness of the event locally and throughout the year as the giveaways continue to be used which is ideal for annual events.

What Kind of Promotional Products are Popular for Fun Runs and Charity Walks?

The perfect promotional giveaways may vary based on the theme or nature of your event, but here are a few of our favorite giveaways for fun runs and charity walks.

Gildan Performance 4.5 Tee

Tees are perfect to hand out to run/walk participants because they can serve as a souvenir for participation as well as a run uniform.  Recipients will continue to wear your shirt throughout the year and spread awareness about your event each time.

Cruise Retro Sunglasses

The cruise retro sunglasses offer a timeless style at an affordable price! These popular sunglasses are guaranteed make a lasting impression on recipients. Their classic look makes them gender neutral and versatile to fit nearly any style preference. If you are hosting a fun run or charity walk during the warmer months, sunglasses will be a big hit!

Value Sport Bottle

A fun run may not be about making the best time or running the fastest, never the less, hydration is still of the utmost importance! Encourage participants to stay hydrated by handing out water bottles at your event! The Value Sport Bottle is lightweight, durable and easy to drink out of on the go.

Awareness Wristlet

Awareness wristlets are a cost-effective way to attract attention to your brand. Select on in the color that represents the cause you are promoting or try one of our color changing wristlets to add an unexpected twist to your fun run promotion.

Sporty Shoe Light

Keep all your participants safe during your run with customized Sporty Shoe Lights. These convenient lights fit around the heel of your shoe, lighting up the back of your food. This keeps you visible if running in darker hours or on overcast days. The lights are also available in a variety of colors which adds a touch of fun.

Free Spirit Allowance Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are an ideal way to store everything you need conveniently while running. This fanny pack has a main compartment that is large enough for your phone, a power bar, and some cash or a credit card. Recipients will want to use this convenient item every time they run.

Fun runs and charity walks don’t waste any time getting started once the spring moths roll around! Get ready for this years runs and walks now by customizing giveaways for your event.

If you have any other questions about promotional products for your fun run, charity walk or any other event, feel free to contact one of our promotional product experts directly at 1-866-488-4975

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