Getting Creative With Promotional Lip Balm

  Cereal City Science (CCS) is a unit of Battle Creek Math and Science Center, located in Michigan.  CCS has developed a Kindergarten through seventh-grade inquiry-based science unit curriculum that is aligned with the Michigan grade level content expectations. The purpose of the program is to provide good, inquiry-based science instruction in the classroom with opportunities for students to engage in all four strands of science proficiency (physical science, life science, earth science and inquiry and technology). The curriculum provides teachers with classroom instruction that includes opportunities for interaction in the classroom, where students carry out investigations, talk and write about their observations and emerging understandings, and discuss ways to test them Each unit undergoes an extensive development and evaluation process. We are in over 300+ districts in the state of Michigan as well as a few districts in other states. We are gearing up to go national with the … Read More

Spring Ahead with These 5 Trends

At Crestline, we’re always on the look-out for new trends and innovative promotional opportunities so that we can always offer you the latest and greatest. With each season that passes and the development of new technology and trends, it can be hard to stay on top of what is relevant to your clients and employees, but we are here to help you do just that! We have done our best to examine what new trends are emerging, what is still popular and what will help make the biggest impact during your next promotion. 5 Popular Trends for Spring Kits Bundling multiple items into easy and effective kits has been gaining in popularity recently, and we’re not surprised. We have put together a few kits that span across many different industries. Kits allow you to maximize your brand exposure, and they are easy to deliver as well as customize. Our kits … Read More

7 Promotional Products You Can Never Have Enough Of

When picking out promotional products for giveaways, thank you’s, appreciation gifts or any other occasion, the goal is always to make an impact. Sometimes that impact may be awareness, other times it may be relationship building. No matter what kind of impact you’re trying to make, finding items that recipients will want to hold onto is important. If you are dealing with a specific niche market for your promotion, you may find it to pick out just the right item that you know your recipients will want to keep, be we know it is not always that easy! Sometimes audiences are more diverse and it can be difficult to find an item that is meaningful to everyone. In situations like that, we turn to the basics. Here are 7 items that recipients can never have enough of: First Aid Kits From busy moms to college students, first aid kits will … Read More

4 Ways to Use Promotional Products for 2016 Political Campaigns

The first known use of promotional products in the United States tracks back to 1789 when George Washington used commemorative buttons when he was elected president. Promotional products and elections have a long history and since they are still being used in elections today, you can tell they are powerful! Since 2016 is a presidential election year, political promotional products will be popular throughout the year leading up to the big day. If you or your business is supporting or participating in a political campaign this year, whether it is spreading awareness for a candidate, advocating for people to go out and vote or educating the community on election information, promotional products can help you support your efforts. How can you Use Promotional Products during the 2016 Election Year? Spread Awareness Early in the campaign cycle, awareness and education are important. People cannot vote for a candidate if they do … Read More

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