7 Ways to Be More Organized in the New Year

Do you ever feel like you let a lot of things go at the end of the year? Maybe you fall behind on your housekeeping because you have so many extra obligations or you get behind at work because of vacation time and holiday festivities or maybe it’s that your whole schedule got a little wonky after the time change due to lack of light in the morning and evenings. This is one of the many reasons that make the New Year such a great time to start over. One of the lifestyle changes that many people resolve to make is to get more organized; whether that be at home or at work. Getting organized is a great resolution because it is very easy to easy into. Organization can come one small step at a time and it doesn’t have to be a painful task. We promise that if you … Read More

10 Must Have Tech Accessories

  Technology devices have become an integral part of our lives. Mobile devices and tablets keep us connected, informed and amused. Our cell phones have become our new alarm clocks for waking up, our GPS for navigating the world, our calendar, our notepad, our personal assistant. We access a great deal of information everyday through these devices. Technology occupies such a large part of our lives that it makes sense to find accessories that enhance these beloved tech items even more. Here are 10 must-have tech accessories for you to customize with your logo: Power banks Power banks are one tech accessory that you will never want to leave home without. Power banks can charge compatible mobile devices and tablets from anywhere. They are perfect for long days, travel and unexpected emergencies such as power outages. The amount of charge that a power bank gives your phone or tablet will vary based … Read More

5 Ways to Make Your Next Giveaway Interactive

One of the things that make promotional products so powerful is their ability to impact brand recall. Did you know that 76% of those who receive a promotional product are able to recall the name of the advertiser who gave it to them? That’s a big deal to advertisers! In today’s world there are a lot of distractions around us at all times making it harder than ever to get the attention of our consumers, but by making our message as interactive as the devices in their hands, advertisers have a better chance at establishing a connection. So how can this help you be better at your next trade show or event? Promotional products on their own are already great at making an impression for your brand, but by making your next event giveaway more interactive, you may be able to win over more potential customers. How to Make Your … Read More

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