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What kind of priority do you place on education and professional development at your company? For many companies, it is not enough. If on the job training for employees does not stretch further than the first few weeks of your new hires employment, you may be missing out on a valuable investment.

Why should your company invest in professional training and education?

It is easy to understand why employers may be hesitant to pay for education, training and professional development because it leads to the concern that you have now given them all of these skills and made them better with the possibility that they may then go and take those skills elsewhere. But the benefits of investing in your employees far outweigh this risk.

5 Amazing things that happen when you make employee development a priority

  1. When you make your company’s commitment to education and development clear from the get go, you attract better talent. Job candidates that value education are likely to be more productive, driven and dedicated workers.
  2. When you are committed to the success of your employees, they are actually more likely to stay with you. Supplying employees with the tools they need to advance establishes a feeling of appreciation and value—two things that lower employee turnover.
  3. Having the resources and planning to offer employees professional development makes your company more adaptable to change. Every industry is vulnerable to change, whether it is to processes, product offering, staffing or any other variety of things. Having employees that are accustomed to learning new skills, positions and methods will make transitions into change much smoother and will require fewer resources which in turn can make you more competitive.
  4. Group education and peer training are valuable opportunities for team building. It provides associates the chance to learn each other’s strengths and develop together. Educational opportunities can also provide a chance to learn and connect outside of the office in a more relaxed environment.
  5. When actively invest time and resources into your employees, you make them happier. More access to education and skill development gives employees more confidence in themselves and in their work. Happy employees are good for business!

How can you create a culture of constant learning at your company?

Your company’s culture of learning should begin with a new hire’s first day on the job. Take the time to learn about each employee’s career goals to help determine the best course of learning.  Give each employee a clear path towards further success within the company is the employee is interested.

Provide opportunities for learning whether it be peer to peer training, group educational seminars, conventions, conferences or college level courses. Not all employees will be open and willing to participate in professional development and continuous learning. If you have a group of employees that is hesitant to participate, consider creating an incentive program, offer small awards or create friendly competition among co-workers.

In the comments below, tell us how you encourage education and professional development at your company.


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