4 Great Tips for Staying Healthy During Cold & Flu Season

As the colder months begin to approach, it is time for businesses to begin thinking about cold and flu season. According the CDC, flu season can begin as early as October and stretch as late as May. Putting your logo on branded preventative products for cold and flu season can help you, your employees and your customers stay healthy this season! Tips for Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu Season 1. Keep your hands clean to reduce the spread of germs. Wash your hands after touching surfaces that could be dirty. If you are unable to access soap and water, try an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. At Crestline, all of our custom hand sanitizers are made in the USA in order to confidently ensure that they are registered and meet all of the FDA requirements for product safety. Learn more about personal care item safety. Promotional hand sanitizers are great giveaways … Read More

5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Make Employee Development a Priority

What kind of priority do you place on education and professional development at your company? For many companies, it is not enough. If on the job training for employees does not stretch further than the first few weeks of your new hires employment, you may be missing out on a valuable investment. Why should your company invest in professional training and education? It is easy to understand why employers may be hesitant to pay for education, training and professional development because it leads to the concern that you have now given them all of these skills and made them better with the possibility that they may then go and take those skills elsewhere. But the benefits of investing in your employees far outweigh this risk. 5 Amazing things that happen when you make employee development a priority When you make your company’s commitment to education and development clear from the … Read More

Quick Guide: Promotional Products for Fall

Labor Day is often considered the “unofficial” end of summer. The kids are back at school, the leaves are beginning to change into bright hues of orange and yellow, there is a crisp in the air—Autumn is making its quick entrance. It’s time to switch gears yet again and prepare for the new season ahead of us. It’s time to put away the promotional sunscreens, beach towels and sunglasses and time to customize new fall blankets, mugs and game day giveaways! We know you’re already thinking about your fall promotions (and if you’re not, start now!), so we wanted to introduce you to a few products that we can see being a big hit this Fall! Spirit Items One of the first things that come to mind when we think fall is Football! No matter what team you’re rooting for this season, spirit items will help you get excited about … Read More

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