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Campus organizations are a huge part of the college experience! Getting involved in campus clubs and organizations is a great way to explore your interests, make a positive impact on your community, network and develop personally and professionally. Help share your campus organization and the rewarding experiences that it offers through the use of promotional products.

Promotional products can be used by student organizations to recruit new members, give the group a united appearance, fundraise and share your core message at events and activities on campus and in the community.

What items work for on-campus organizations?


Apparel items such as T-shirts, polos and hoodies are a perfect way to welcome new members to your student organization or kick off the year or event! Custom apparel gives your organization a uniform look when you attend events. Apparel items also are a great way to regularly spread awareness for your organization around campus! Apparel is also successful for organization fundraisers. Since apparel is long-lasting and can be used by anyone selling apparel items to fundraise for your organization or on behalf of something your organization supports.


Coffee is a savior to most college students. Making it to class, working, keeping your social life in check GSU Mug Shotand studying for exams does not leave much time in the day for sleep! 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every day making coffee mugs and travel mugs a great way to gain impressions for your organization.

An Organization at Georgia State University has a weekly coffee talk as one of their student programs. The chose an imprinted coffee mug with a spoon as an incentive for participating in the program.  The mugs were very well received, everyone loved them, and the little spoon was a big hit!

This mug successfully worked for this on-campus program at GSU.

Fun Giveaways

Smaller giveaways such as awareness wristlets,  tech pockets, and sunglasses are affordable giveaways that work well to share your organization at campus events. College students love swag, especially when it is unique or useful. Find more small giveaways for campus events, activities, and games in our giveaways or school spirit section.

Stickers & Buttons

Stickers and decals and buttons, pins and ribbons are easy and affordable ways to get your organization recognized around campus! Handing out stickers and buttons around campus or at events can help you recruit more members for your organization. It is also a fun way for current members to show that they are a part of your group.

How does your on-campus organization spread awareness, raise membership and share your message? Do you use giveaways to recruit to give out as a fun incentive to current members?

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