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Did you know that a single use plastic shopping bag can take anywhere from 15 to 1000 years to decompose? And even worse, they are not biodegradable– meaning that when they do decompose, they dissolve into toxic particles, a process that most frequently occurs in the ocean.  This is why the implementation of reusable grocery totes has been on the rise.

Why Should You Bring Your Own Bag?

It’s no secret that reusable bags are better for the environment. They last longer and can be used more times than single use plastic bags, plus, some of them are made from already recycled materials making them even more eco-friendly.  Many stores and supermarkets across the country have started charging shoppers for every plastic or paper bag they receive during their shopping trip. If you have not already made the switch to reusable bags, here are a few of our favorite reasons to make the switch.

  1. You’re helping the environment! This is the obvious one. Making the switch to reusable grocery totes is much better for the environment than single-use plastic bags or even paper bags. If you’d like to read some more facts about plastic bags are and their effects on the environment check out this list of 25 reasons why you should NOT use plastic bags.
  2. Reusable bags hold more and are easier to carry. We have all been in that situation where the bagger at the supermarket puts too many heavy items in one bag. What happens when you go to pick it up? The handle breaks! Or the sharp corners of your cereal box penetrate the thin sides of the bag before it even makes it through your door. Because grocery totes are made to be reusable, they are much more durable than plastic bags. Boxes and other large items fit better inside of them and the larger handles make heavy bags more convenient and comfortable to carry.
  3. Reusable grocery totes are stylish. Many stores have now begun selling reusable tote bags near the checkout to encourage you to go reusable and they have come up with creative and stylish tote bag designs. These trendy bags have much more of an appeal than a traditional plastic shopping bag.
  4. Reusable grocery bags store easily so they can be kept in places that are convenient for use, such as the trunk of your vehicle or in a coat closet by your door. Most reusable bags are made to fold up flat for easy storage, at Crestline, I always keep a custom imprinted grocery tote in the drawer of my desk and it comes in handy very often.
  5. They can be used for so much more than groceries and store purchases. Reusable grocery totes are also great for day trips, bringing to work, taking to the gym and more. Use your reusable bags for gathering’s with friends or trips to the beach!

The Fear in Switching

Some consumers are skeptical of reusable grocery totes because of the health threats they believe they may pose. It’s no secret that shopping centers can be full of germs and bacteria due to the high number of people that come in and out of them every day. Shopping carts, in particular, have been known to carry germs and bacteria that can make people sick.

Because of the material that reusable tote bags are constructed from, they have been shown to hold on to bacteria and germs from shopping. This growth of bacteria can multiply through multiple uses, and since bags reusable bags are used often to carry the food we put into our bodies, it causes the fear of contracting viruses.

How to Use Reusable Grocery Bags Safely

Wash your reusable totes often, especially if you use them for food items. Washing your reusable bags often (once a week if you use them every week), will kill the bacteria and help to eliminate risk. Many of our reusable grocery totes at Crestline are safe to wash, like our Big Storm Grocery Tote. If you’re not sure whether or not one of our bags is safe to wash, just contact one of our experts and they will help you find out!

You can also cut down on the bacteria that your reusable bags come in contact with by taking advantage of sanitizing wipes that many grocery stores are now putting by the door. Before putting your tote bags in your cart, wipe the handle and other areas of the cart down to make sure that they are clean. This is a good practice to follow at the store whether you are using reusable bags or not!

Finally, you can make sure that you store your bags in a clean dry place. Don’t fold up your bag and store it if it is wet or damp, allow it to dry while open and then store.

Now that you know the facts, are you ready to make the switch? Get started with reusable bags by putting your logo on one of our top-selling bags!


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