Education Promotional Products Over the upcoming weeks, schools all across the country will be hosting orientations for incoming higher education students and their families. Orientations are an opportunity for academic institutions to shed light on questions, calm anxieties and provide information about college life. Orientations are meant to ease the transition into the college or university and help make the students and their families feel welcomed. Educational promotional items are a great way to make your orientation a success and help students find their school spirit!

Promotional products are the perfect way to connect with new students on orientation day. Having items that represent their new school will make new students proud, and choosing items that will be useful during their first semester will ensure that they use them day after day. Promotional products can be used on orientation day to make your school looks its best for parents and students and will get students excited and prepared for the semester ahead!

How can you put promotional products to work at your upcoming orientation?

Check In Tables

Help students and their parents know where to go by covering check in tables with custom table throws and using great signage to direct orientation attendees to important information points on campus. Custom table throws and runners are a great way to give table set ups across campus a uniform and presentable look. Custom journals and pens make nice giveaway items to put at check-in locations. Students are given a lot of valuable information on orientation day and having a place to write it all down will halp guarantee that they have what they need when they need it.

Campus Tours

Campus tours are a staple at almost every orientation. An in-depth tour of the student’s department of study and on-campus resources is essential for making new students feel comfortable and at home. Before kicking off your tour, give each student a lanyard with the schools name on it. They can use this during the tour to display a name badge, but they can also use it throughout their time at school to carry their campus ID card and other necessary cards.  If long sections of the campus tour take place outdoors, a fun giveaway like a hat or a pair of custom sunglasses will not only serve a useful purpose, but it will also be appreciated and remembered by students.

Student Organizations

One of the most important parts of going off to college is the on-campus organizations for students! Student organizations allow students to try out their new independence by diving into a group they are passionate about such as student government or participating in greek life on campus. At most schools, the options for student organizations on campus are endless! These organizations can capture the attention of new students by customizing giveaways for their particular organization. Drinkware, pens, and other fun items are perfect for items for student organizations to share their message on!

Getting To Know You/Ice Breakers

No orientation is complete without some ice-breaking exercises to help students get to know a few of their classmates. Promotional items can take “get to know you” activities to a new level! Incorporate promotional items into your activities, or give them to students as giveaways for participating. College students love apparel items, drinkware and USB flash drives. 

Is your school using promotional products for your new student orientation? How will you be using them to welcome new students?


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