Welcome With Promo ProductsThe first day of work at a new company can be overwhelming, stressful and maybe even a little awkward. Not knowing the layout of the building, coworkers, or the normal daily schedule can leave a new employee feeling a little lost. Making employees feel welcome on their first day will set the stage for how they feel about your company going forward, and it is a great way to help them transition into your companies’ culture. Recruiting, hiring and training new employees is an investment in your company, so it is worth your while to make sure that these new employees get off to a great start.

How does your company welcome new employees?

One great way to make employees fall in love with your company from the start is through the use of branded welcome gifts. Welcome gifts make the new employee feel appreciated and like they are a part of the team. Your welcome gift does not need to be extravagant and expensive—it just needs to be thoughtful and given at a good time.

What makes a good welcome gift?

Branded products are perfect for welcome gifts because they provide the new employee with something from the company that they can reuse and be proud of. Let’s look at a few products that are perfect for your new employees’ first day:


A water bottle or coffee mug with the company’s logo is a great solution for new employee welcome gifts. If you look around your office, how many people have water bottles or mugs sitting on their desk? It is likely that if you work in an office, you will be using portable drinkware items nearly every day which is why they make excellent onboarding gifts for new employees. Try pairing it with a gift card to a local coffee shop or juice bar for a gift that is sure to make a great impression.

Pens + Journals

Promotional pens and custom journals make great gifts for new employees because it is likely that their first day is going to be full of important information that they will need to take notes on. Give them something to take to their first meetings and a place to jot down reminders. A custom Moleskine and a pen with the company’s logo will make the new employee feel appreciated and honored to be joining your company.

Lunch & Tote Bags

Custom lunch and tote bags are items that employees can bring to work every day.  Promotional bags bring in more impressions for your brand than any other product, and they work for nearly any budget. Custom lunch bags and tote bags are a great way to make new employees feel welcome. Try filling custom lunch bags with information about your company’s wellness program or a few healthy snacks!

The goal of your welcome gift is to make a good first impression. In order to do so, the welcome gift should be given to the employee early on. If you would like your employees to receive their welcome package along with other materials prior to their first day at the company, try sending it to their home. Leaving your welcome gift on the new employees’ workstation is another great way to give your gift, the employee will discover your gift while settling into their space and it will make them feel like they are an appreciated addition to the team. You could also try giving your gift to your new hire before sending them home on their first day or after their first week with the company.

112069_1When I began working at Crestline, I was so touched when I received a package in the mail a few days prior to starting my new position. I was sent one of our Fantastic Five gift sets along with a few other goodies and a card expressing how excited they were to have me. For me, this solidified the fact that I had made the right decision about coming to Crestline and it calmed some of the nerves I had about starting on my first day. I still use many of the items that I received in my welcome package after being at Crestline for a year.

Did you receive a welcome gift when you started your job? If so, how did this gift influence your first day or week of work?

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