Sticky Notes CoverSticky notes are a desk essential that complete any workspace.  It’s likely that at some point, we have all taken advantage of the convenient notes to write a reminder or mark a page. But what about using custom sticky notes to promote your business? Promotional sticky notes are a great way to share your good name in a professional manner on a product that will always be useful. Just like custom pens and journals, sticky notes are one of those staple items that will never go out of style especially in an office or educational setting.

We know you are aware of the benefits of sticky notes; they come in a variety of different sizes, shapes and stand-out colors, and their sticky but non-destructive nature makes them ideal for temporarily adhering to nearly any surface.  We would like to introduce you to a few creative non-conventional ways to put your custom sticky notes to good use in the workplace!

  1. Create an office calendar using sticky notes! This is especially great if you have a schedule that is not always consistent or is likely to be moved around because of rescheduling or changes. Unlike a physical calendar, when you need to change a date or your or move a meeting or activity from one day to another, you can just replace the post it. This will leave you with a physical calendar that is always clean and accurate. Using fun colored sticky notes for your calendar is also a great way to bring color into your workspace and brighten up your day!IMG_0571
  2. Use custom sticky notes as name badges or to label seating arrangements for large meetings, or meetings where everyone is not familiar with each other. Names can be easily written on the sticky notes and attached to your conference room table. If someone needs to move to a different seat, simply attach the sticky note in a new location. Bonus Tip: Try printing names on your promotional sticky notes for a cleaner appearance. Let’s face it; we don’t all have beautiful and legible handwriting.  To make printing on sticky notes easier, try using a template. This one works great and is easy to download.
  3. Use custom sticky notes to organize your to-do list. Use different colors or different rows to keep track of tasks by priority level or task type. Keeping similar tasks or tasks of equal importance together will help you accomplish everything you need to do in the most productive and efficient manner. Having in on your wall or desk in front of you will keep you focused on the task at hand and allow you to move around tasks as necessary.IMG_0574
  4. Put them to the test cleaning in between small spaces. Do you ever look in between the keys on your keyboard and wonder how to get all that dust and those little crumbs out of  there? It turns out sticky notes are the perfect solution. Put the adhesive end of the sticky note in between the horizontal gaps in your keyboard and run it back and forth. You will be surprised by how much dust comes out on the adhesive!
  5. Bring an arsenal of sticky notes to your next planning meeting! Sticky notes are a great way to organize your tasks, goals, obstacles and more. If you have a drafting board or are mapping out ideas, sticky notes can be a big help. Adhesive notes will increase the organization and overall presentation of a planning board whether it’s on a bulletin, white board or blank wall. They also make it easier for everyone in the group to easily put their ideas up on the board.
  6. Ohhhh the joys of a shared office fridge! Many offices struggle to keep office fridges cleaned, and it’s easy for your food to get lost in the mix of everyone else’s lunch. Keeping sticky notes on or by the fridge for people to use for labeling or bringing your own sticky notes for labeling is an easy way to keep track of the lunch you brought and for others to find you if your lunch container is the one making the whole fridge smell…
  7. Assign specific tasks to your team or keep track of what has been done by each team member with your custom sticky notes. If you have a board that you use to assign tasks or keep track of accomplishments, you can write the task or accomplishment on the sticky note and put it under the correct person’s name. This is a great way for your whole team to see what everyone is responsible for or what other people have done.
  8. If you are working with prototype designs or other printed documents, you can use promotional sticky notes to highlight your discussion points, recommendations or questions without marking on or damaging the physical piece. This protects the physical copy and also allows you to see a fresh version of it during your discussion.  They can also help you note changes post discussion.

Sticky notes have an endless variety of uses and your office or position will influence how you use them. These are our 8 creative ideas, and we welcome you to share your creative uses for sticky notes with us in the comments below! Also, as always, if you have any questions about products displayed or customizing your own sticky notes, don’t be afraid to reach out to us as well!

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