Ensuring Customer Satisfaction With Every Order

At Crestline, we pride ourselves on our good service, quality products and of course for having the best customers on the planet!! But every once in a while, we are reminded that we are only human, and on occasion errors do occur with orders. Because we deal with multiple product sizes, types, and sometimes breakable products, we cannot always promise that your items will be delivered to you perfectly with no issues or errors. What we can promise is that we will ALWAYS do right with you. A great example of this happened recently. A client recently received their order and shared their excitement about it with us on twitter. We were so happy to see how great their custom tumblers came out and that they were so excited about them. Just minutes later, they shared another photo showing that some of the tumblers had been damaged in transit. Though … Read More

8 Inspiring & Creative Ways To Use Custom Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are a desk essential that complete any workspace.  It’s likely that at some point, we have all taken advantage of the convenient notes to write a reminder or mark a page. But what about using custom sticky notes to promote your business? Promotional sticky notes are a great way to share your good name in a professional manner on a product that will always be useful. Just like custom pens and journals, sticky notes are one of those staple items that will never go out of style especially in an office or educational setting. We know you are aware of the benefits of sticky notes; they come in a variety of different sizes, shapes and stand-out colors, and their sticky but non-destructive nature makes them ideal for temporarily adhering to nearly any surface.  We would like to introduce you to a few creative non-conventional ways to put your … Read More

Emerging Themes For 2015 Promotional Products

The year has still just begun, and it’s been a very exciting time for us here at Crestline. We’ve spent the beginning of the year thinking about how promotional products have adapted to fit new technologies and trends since the beginning of last year.  It has opened our eyes to the future of promotional products and the new items that we are so excited to see in action this year. Although the year is still just getting started, we have our predictions on what items are going to make a big impact in the minds of the consumer throughout 2015. Technology Technology is getting smarter and it’s going to continue to infiltrate the market in 2015. These items are innovative and are continuously attracting the attention of recipients in a positive way. From custom USB flash drives to Bluetooth speakers and stylus pens; this category is making big moves in … Read More

Discovering the Hidden Potential of Promotional Drinkware

It’s no secret that drinkware items are widely used in the promotional industry. A quarter of all consumers in the United States own a logoed drinkware item; whether it is a water bottle, travel mug or tumbler. Half of those who own them use them 2-3 times PER week! That repeated use and exposure is what makes drinkware items so popular. Another benefit of promotional drinkware is how versatile these items can be. They can successful accomplish the promotional goals of companies large and small, in nearly any industry. Everyone has to drink, right? The power of promotional drinkware can be taken even further when you take advantage of the space inside. Water bottles, tumblers, and travel mugs have something that many other promotional items do not; space to fill! While these items work excellent alone, you can unlock more advertising potential when you take advantage of the space inside … Read More

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