71% of consumers say that they would help support a brand if there is a link to a good cause. That’s quite an astounding number, right? Many companies have causes and charities that they are committed to helping. The causes that your company supports can vary; you may be in support of sustainable or environmentally friendly practices and products, you may want to help eliminate homelessness in your community. Participating in charitable events, raising funds for a cause through your company or a commitment to spreading awareness of a social cause are things worth sharing!

Promotional products are great for sharing your cause marketing efforts. They are a great way to share your corporate values with the people who they will matter to most. It can help you to acquire new customers and further satisfy current customers.

What products work great for cause marketing?

The products that work well for cause-related marketing efforts depends greatly on the cause as well as the marketing goals and tactics.

Eco-friendly products & USA made products are two big social causes that many businesses in the US are making an effort to help.

Eco-Friendly: Crestline has an entire store of Eco-friendly items that are great for businesses that prioritize reducing environmental waste. We sell eco-friendly products in nearly every category making it easy for you to share your branding message while communicating that you care about the environment! Custom grocery totes and imprinted water bottles are great reusable eco-friendly items!

We also have a large collection of items that are 100% made in the USA! These are great items for businesses that encourage the consumption of local products and services. Made in the USA items are very popular among some consumer demographics, so receiving a USA-made product with your companies name or logo on it could mean good news for business.

If your company has a social or political value that you want to share or raise awareness about, tote bags and apparel items are great for grabbing attention and receiving lots of exposure. They also provide large imprint areas so you can successfully share your whole message.

1Supporting disease prevention and awareness has become a big focus for many companies. There are a lot of great opportunities today to get involved with a health-related cause; there are months of the year dedicated to awareness, there are hundreds of different races and relays put in place to raise awareness and funds and there are thousands of foundations working to find cures and help patients dealing with the daily struggles of illness.

Your business can do a lot for these causes because they are so far spread and relatable.  Some great ways to use promotional products to help support a cause are to:

Sell quality promotional items in your store and donate the proceeds to a cause of your choice. Items like power banks, high-performance headphones, and apparel are all great items that customers will want to purchase at a higher cost.

Asking customers at your POS if they would like to donate funds to help your cause. To thank them for donating, give them a smaller promotional item such as an awareness wristlet, lapel pins or a pen.

Participate in cause-related events in your community. This is a great way to meet other community members who are also passionate about your cause. Bring imprinted giveaways to the event for attendees. Custom water bottles, reusable tote bags, and t-shirts are all great ways to show your business’s commitment to the cause.

Donate imprinted items to a local hospital. Giving plush toys to children who are ill, or blankets or hand sanitizers will directly help the people who are battling disease and illness. Your companies support and care will bring patients comfort.

Supporting causes greatly shapes the personality of a business. It is a great way to get involved and give back to the community that your business is a part of, and using promotional products to help communicate your commitment to a cause is a great way to give customers a positive perception of your company.

Does your company have a charity or cause that you love to help? How have you supported them in the past? Would you consider using promotional products to share your company’s involvement in your cause?

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