November arrives next week (can you believe it?) which means Veteran’s Day is just a blink away. Business owners today have the hard decision of choosing what special days they want to be a part of because there is some sort of  “holiday” trending just about every day. While National Cheeseburger Day may be fun, we cannot forget about the traditions that have been important in America for decades, Veterans Day being a big one.

How did Veterans Day originate?

An Armistice was signed between the allies and Germany on November 11, 1918 at 11:00AM, marking the end of hostility brought on my WWI. One year later, November 11, 1919 Armistice day was celebrated for the first time. This was a day to remember the many lives lost in WWI, the war to end all wars. Time proved that the peace that followed WWI was short lived and America was soon faced with war again.

After WWII, Armistice Day became Veterans Day, a day to honor every Veteran of war. We remember the  lives lost in war and show our gratitude towards  those who fought and made it safely back home to us. It is a day to show the utmost respect towards those who served our country, who sacrificed for our freedom, and who died to keep us safe. It is also important to educate our youth on the importance of this holiday.

Veteran's Day

As one of America’s most honorable holidays, Veterans Day deserves a lot of attention! How are you planning on giving back to the Veterans in your community? Crestline has the promotional products you need to show your appreciation at parades, remembrance events and fundraisers.

1. Lapel Pins: Handout American flag or Veterans Day themed lapel pins to employees, customers or event attendees. This will allow them to pay respect and spread awareness. These lapel pins from Crestline are also made in the USA!Lapel Pins

2. Reusable Bag: Tote bags always make great giveaways! If your business is a retail location, pack all purchases for the day in a customized tote with a Veterans day message and your logo. This is a great way to distribute reusable bags into your community (which is a win for everyone) as well as paying special tribute to Veterans! Custom tote bags are sure to attract attention and are a great way to educate others on the importance of the holiday. The Joy Grocery Tote is a great sized tote for groceries or other goods.

3. Pens are easy to imprint and are always an essential. Create a patriotic pen with your logo on it to hand out on Veterans day to customers or event attendees. They are affordable and they guarantee great reach! The BIC Widebody pen has a wide barrel that gives you a great imprint space. pens

4. Drinkware items are great giveaways because they are something that everybody can use. They also offer a large imprint area so you have plenty of room for your logo and a Veterans Day message.

5. Occurring so close to the end of the year, Veterans Day is a great time to hand out imprinted calendars to customers and prospective customers. Calendars allow you to share your message with recipients all year long! The American Staple Wall calendar offers a patriotic feel and features beautiful pictures every month.



For more great items to customize in time for Veterans Day events, shop our entire collection of Rush Service items.

What does your company plan to do in honor of Veterans Day? Will you be hosting or attending any events or ceremonies? Share with us in the comment section below!!



For more information regarding Veterans Day ceremonies, history and more visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs:

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