Ensuring the Safety of Promotional Sanitizers and Lip Balm

What is better than a great deal? A safe deal. Recently at Crestline, we have been looking into the safety of personal care items that are manufactured overseas. We have made the decision to remove all Lip Balm and Hand Sanitizers that are not made in the USA from our website. Why would we do this? We feel that our customer’s safety is of the utmost importance, and we know you do too. When personal care products such as lip balms and sanitizers are manufactured overseas and imported for relabeling, they are under much less scrutiny and supervision than those that are made and distributed in the United States.  The reason for this is that the FDA does not have the ability to successfully audit overseas as they can in the US. Although overseas suppliers are required to follow the same rules and regulations as the US, it is much more difficult to know if … Read More

Promote Your Brand With Office Essentials

The best way to get the highest return from your promotional product investment is picking products that you know your customers will love to use. Amplify your next campaign with a few desk essentials and you can be sure your customers will think of you often. Basic items make great giveaways because of their practicality; pens, sticky notes, letter openers are all essential to office life. Office items have a long shelf life and deliver repeated brand impressions. If you know that the majority of your customers are working in an office, use this opportunity to forge relationships! Imprint your logo on some of these great office products!   There is a reason that pens have withstood the test of time as a great promotional product. People cannot resist a good pen! With so many options to day for standard pens as well as highlighter pens and stylus pens, its … Read More

Encouraging Wellness in the Work Place

Last week at Crestline, we celebrated a whole week of fun and wellness! The week was full of company wide events, healthy lunches and opportunities to learn about wellness. Some of our events included a 5k walk or run, a softball game, and other indoor events. We also had a wellness fair where employees were exposed to all of the great local health resources that exist within our community. Not only was the whole week a great time, it was also a great opportunity for associates to interact with others in different departments throughout the company, something we don’t always get the opportunity to do!  Encouraging health and wellness in the workplace is something that can often be overlooked. At Crestline, we make it a point to put an emphasis on healthy practices so that our employees take it seriously and want to incorporate these practices into everyday life. We … Read More

Hottest Back to School Items for 2014

Back-to-school season brings out a lot of feelings; while many of the students are excited to be reunited with friends they haven’t seen in what seems like a lifetime, they are not always as excited to slip back into their routine. Having class all day and spending nights doing assignments is never as fun as getting lost in the oblivion that is Netflix. The educational institutions however feel much different about back-to-school season, although it is a busy and stressful time in itself, the anticipation of having full halls again warms them. At Crestline we are all about making things easy for you; granted we can’t take away all the stress of making sure all the last minute maintenance is done, and we can’t put the worried parents at ease, what we can do is make sure that you are able to welcome your students back in style. We have … Read More

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