Case Study: Imprinted Coolers, Filled with Treats, Prove to Be a Fun & Effective Promotion

Fun-filled college functions–like orientation, parents & family weekend, sports games, and more–are happening throughout the year. With so many passionate students and fans participating, portable party equipment is a must! To integrate into this college scene, a major beverage company used the Portable Party Cooler to help raise brand awareness for their products. These coolers, filled with different soda and flavored water brands, were distributed at various college functions throughout the country. Each cooler prominently featured the company’s logo, website, and even included discount coupons for a variety of products. The Portable Party Coolers proved to be a huge success with college students and for the beverage company. Not only were the students able to sample the different beverages, with the coolers making their way around campus, the company’s brand received increased exposure to thousands of potential clients!

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