It’s amazing what you can add your logo to! At Crestline, we offer pens, bags and water bottles, but the options can seem endless. Would you imagine you could imprint shoe horns? Or add your logo to lollipops? Your options for promotional products are diverse and so are the options for adding art. Let’s say you have a round logo that includes a figure with some text below. The text is easy to read and the all of the details of the logo are sharp when printed on t-shirts. If you decided to add custom printed pens to your order, there would be some major concerns about using the same imprint. The large logo that stretches across the t-shirts wouldn’t fit on the narrow barrel of a pen. The details would look like blotches and the text would be too small to make out. Simple shapes and large text, like … Read More

Celebrate Earth Day All Year With Promotional Products

We have come a long way from massive V-8 sedans, industry-causing air pollution, and the word “environment” appearing more frequently on school spelling bees than on the evening news. Today, we have greater innovation in environmental, industry, and recycling practices, and companies small and large have an added emphasis on sustainable practices – all culminating in a cleaner planet for the current and future generations. At Crestline, we take our environmental footprint seriously, and are proud to offer a wide-array of eco-friendly promotional products that you can utilize for your brand’s next promotion or giveaway. You might have seen the increased use of personal grocery tote bags at your local store; why not make sure the next bags that consumers bring in have your brand’s logo and message on it? We offer a multitude of different options, and at a cost-effective price point and a large imprint area for your … Read More

Fundraising with Promotional Products

Finally the weather is starting to find a comfortable temperature above freezing. That means it’s almost time for those outdoor fundraisers you’ve been preparing for since the end of last year’s fundraisers. Parades, 5K’s, and fairs are places you can spread your message and raise money for a specific cause. But one of the larger goals for the event is to stay top of mind with the people you reach. Contributions and volunteers are needed throughout the year to keep things moving forward, even after the booths are closed down and people have gone home at the end of the day. There are ways for your message to go further, staying top of mind for months and even years.  And we’re here with the tools to make that happen. In the United States, 58% of people own branded products like pens, custom water bottles, and t-shirts. The trick is to find … Read More

Hanes® and Box Tops for Education

  When you decide to use custom imprinted t-shirts for your next event, choose from the Hanes® apparel line to take your dollar further. We partnered with this trusted brand to offer box tops for schools in your community. Here’s how it works. When you order Hanes® tees or hoodies, in either adult or youth sizes, you qualify for box tops. Just submit your invoice with the Hanes® Redemption Form through mail or email. In 3-4 weeks, you’ll receive an email confirming that the eBox Tops have been credited to the school of your choice. And that’s it! (Find the redemption form and mailing info here.) You get quality apparel personalized with your imprint and you get to help out local schools. Use customized tees for family reunions, milestone birthdays and anniversaries, 5K’s, school events, summer camp programs, or any time you want your group to stand out from the … Read More

Big data? No. Actionable Data!

The CFO and CEO want “Big Data”. However, everyone needs actionable data including the CFO and CEO. The problem lies in the little data. The little data is all the data that is floating all around your company unorganized including your duplicate customer records, your unmatched product numbers, and so on. At Crestline, we have more data coming in today than ever before.  We are utilizing this data in exciting ways to better serve our customers.  Yet we still have room to improve in efficiency, data quality, and better understand the story behind the data. Recently we implemented the Informatica Product Information Manager (PIM) which has been a huge success for our ability to deliver new products quickly to our customers through our website and our print catalog.  In the first 3 months of 2014 using our new PIM, we’ve exceeded the total products added and updated through all of … Read More

Each May, we honor two of the largest work forces in the country: teachers and nurses. We admire them for their selflessness, hard work, and the incredible impact they make on people every day. For all the times it goes unsaid, we want to say “thank you.” There are many ways to show our appreciation as employers and as the people they work with. Try these 5 tips for the nurses and teachers in your life. Handmade gifts are a heartfelt way to acknowledge the difference that’s been made due to their hard work. And it’s a good pick-me-up to draw strength from on the days that aren’t so great. Treat your favorite nurse or teacher with a gift card. It can be to a restaurant or a spa, or someplace you know they enjoy. With all the ways they give, it’s a welcome break to be on the receiving … Read More

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