8 Ways to Use Drawstring Backpacks in a Giveaway Campaign

Shopping for promotional giveaways is about usability. Plus, you want items that are eye-catching to a wide-range of prospective clients. After all, this is a reflection of your brand, and if the right items are selected, there’s greater potential to attract new business. At Crestline, we are always shopping   around to find the trendiest, coolest, “wow” factor products to keep your giveaway campaigns fresh and exciting. On top of finding these awesome giveaways, we can offer ideas on how promotional products can be used to set you apart. Below are 8 ideas on using the tried-and-true drawstring backpack for your next campaign. 1. Woo new patients at your veterinary hospital with a welcome package. While folders are good for holding paperwork, a drawstring bag is more likely to be re-used and viewed by others. Add a small customized toy or treat in the bag along with relevant brochures and information … Read More

Case Study: ThyssenKrupp Materials NA

 How does your company promote health and wellness? ThyssenKrupp Materials NA, one of the North America’s largest materials and service providers, chose to live out the ThyssenKrupp global Mission Statement, which includes a commitment to employee health and well-being. Last summer, they hosted an event called “Walk This Way Summer Global Tour” for employees in their 80+ locations. Each employee received a pedometer imprinted with the company logo and participants were given the option to form teams. A web site, similar to a social media platform, was used to track both individual and team progress. And since the employees were spread out across the United State and Canada, teammates could use this site to send encouraging messages to each other.   The “Walk This Way” campaign kicked off in early August with a voicemail message of encouragement from CEO Hans-Josef Hoss. For the next six weeks, 119 teams of employees … Read More

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