Perfect Giveaways for a New Business!

Opening a new business gives you a great opportunity to start building your brand and getting your products moving into the marketplace. Abundant research has shown that people tend to do business with a company whom they’ve received a promotional product from: in a 2012 study by Relevant Insight,  7 out of 10 consumers remember receiving a promotional product in the past 12 months, and 88% recalled the advertiser from the promotional product received. In other words, not only do promotional products have the power to attract new business, but the potential for future business is highly increased due to the high recall dichotomy between advertiser and product. Along with building your social media base, tireless networking between distributors and potential clients, and handling the operations of the company, one great idea to catapult your brand into the industry is to start simple – product giveaways. Frankly, everyone loves free stuff. … Read More

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