As the retail industry adjusts to more online purchasing, pop-up shops are growing in popularity. Popups are an easy, affordable, and efficient way to connect in-person with customers, showcase products and promote a brand. Plus, they can occur anywhere from a street corner to inside a larger store!

Is a popup right for your business? Here are a few things to consider and some tips for success:

Make your brand the center of your display. You’ll need signage and decorations to attract attention and generate interest. Try a bright, welcoming table cover, a stand-up or hanging banner, or a folding display board. Stand out with a bright balloon cluster.


Find the right location. Websites like are a great way to find short-term retail locations in major cities around the country.

Have the right staff. Whoever represents your company should reflect your values and be warm, energetic, and informed. The right staff managing your pop-up and interacting with potential customers can mean the difference between a customer walking by and someone who is loyal for life. Make sure you have printed materials about your brand for those who aren’t quite ready to purchase.

Create a fun, engaging atmosphere. Offer an activity (mini cornhole, crayons, jump rope) or contest so shop visitors have a reason to spend some time with your brand. Snacks and candy also tend to lure foot traffic. These details are worth the small investment!Send attendees home with something. Put a new spin on the traditional promotional pen with a high-quality writing instrument your customers will actually use, such as this Sharpie pen, or a ceramic mug that’s both functional and pretty. Customized gift bags or reusable totes are another great way to get your logo into consumers’ homes.

Although short in duration, a well-executed pop-up shop delivers brand awareness and engagement long after it’s disassembled!

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