To get the most out of winter, it’s critical to have the right gear. Here are five customizable “winter-ready” products that will ease daily life for you and your team until the spring thaw:

Core 365 Prevail Packable Puffer Jacket

This comfortable, versatile jacket, available for both men and women, is as convenient as outerwear can get. It comes with a handy storage pouch for easy stowing, whether you’re traveling or just warming up and shedding a layer. The water-resistant finish and thermal poly fill keep you dry and warm, in a variety of colors. You can embroider your company or team logo on it for a distinctive touch.

 7” Intensive Ice Scraper

A sturdy ice scraper is a necessity! On freezing mornings, no one wants to wait for the engine to warm up and the defroster to kick in. At 7”, this intensive scraper is the right size for tucking into the glove compartment but strong enough to clear tough ice from windshields and windows, getting you on the road quickly. Plus, it makes a great staff stocking stuffer.

Premium Automotive Kit

There are no guarantees when it comes to winter driving, so it’s important to be ready for any scenario, from a dead battery to an impassable blizzard. The Premium Automotive Kit contains everything you’ll need to manage one of these undesirable situations: jumper cables, flashlight, first-aid essentials, emergency “call police” flag, survival blanket, and more.

 Off The Grid Solar Power Bank

Modern electronic devices provide communication, information, and entertainment, but they also consume a lot of power. And the colder it is outside, the faster batteries seem to drain. When winter weather knocks out electricity or your car is stuck in a snowdrift, rely on our Off The Grid Solar Power Bank to charge your phone and keep you connected. Customize it and watch your logo come to the rescue!

Commander LED Flashlight

With the arrival of shorter days and darker evenings, a reliable flashlight becomes a key item to stash in your desk, car, or bag. The rugged, ultra-bright Commander LED Flashlight serves the purpose perfectly, offering powerful illumination in an attractive industrial design.

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