Group Of Friends Enjoying Christmas Drinks In Bar

Office holiday parties provide a fun opportunity for boosting employee morale and bonding among colleagues–but they can also go disastrously wrong. We’ve included 5 tips to help make this year’s party festive and stress-free.


Do Decorate: Even little touches make a big difference when it comes to cultivating a festive atmosphere. Order customized napkins, balloons, drink holders, and candy, or treat employees to a branded pint glass or wine glass they can continue to use long after the party ends.

Don’t Be Exclusive: In order to make everyone feel welcome, it’s best to skip references to specific religions and make your holiday gathering a general celebration of the season. Also, be conscious of the preferences of your workforce: if your team likes a casual setting, don’t throw a formal party. If they aren’t interested in exchanging gifts with each other, don’t make that a required activity.



Do Have Enough Food: Nothing ruins a party faster than running out of food! For a cocktail event, make sure to have plenty of appetizers, and be mindful of convenience. Veggies and dip, crackers and cheese, berries and grapes, mini pizza, and customized cookies are all easy to eat with one hand while standing and mingling. It’s also helpful to clearly display food ingredients for those with dietary restrictions and allergies.

Don’t Time it Wrong: If you want your guests to be able to relax and savor your holiday event, schedule it at a time the whole office will be able to attend, without worrying about deadlines or other obligations. Announce the party early so everyone has time to make plans, and if it affects business hours, give customers and clients advance notice.


520904_6tb_16bDo Show Guests You Care: Remind your coworkers how important they are both by being thoughtful in arranging your office party and by giving them something they will be happy to take home. Custom water bottles, scented candles, and cozy fleece caps are always appropriate giveaway options, as are gift cards for a local restaurant or coffee shop. After all, everyone wants to be appreciated!

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