World of Change trade show table display

When World of Change launched in 2017, its mission was elegantly simple: collect spare change to fund worthy causes. With an estimated $10 billion in loose coins currently sitting idle in households, the concept has the potential to add up to some big change. But during the initial startup phase, founder Matt Hoidal was faced with the challenge of figuring out how to take this simple idea and translate it into a fully fleshed out brand from scratch.

Says Hoidal, “World of Change needs to be something people can visualize, touch, hear and feel, so we had to have something tangible to help illustrate how our change collection and investment concept would work.”

For the organization and its purpose to be communicated successfully, it was clear that sandwich bags and envelopes wouldn’t cut it when it came to coin collection. Instead, Hoidal created coin kits all his own by repurposing this ID pouch to act as a branded coin carrier.

“World of Change is all about helping people believe in the power of philanthropy and change as well as their own capacities as change makers,” explains Hoidal. “These products enable us to achieve the engagement element of our brand, which is central to who we are—bringing people together in an experiential way to feel the power of giving.”

The coin kits are set to play a large role in Hoidal’s upcoming ChangeFest on October 28th in Portland, Maine, where the goal will be to collect over $225,000 worth of coins—setting a new world record and raising some serious cash to support various charities. The humble penny never seemed mightier.

“Promotional products have and will continue to help us provide this sensory experience to change makers of all ages, everywhere,” says Hoidal.

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