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Even minor dehydration can cause young students to suffer from headaches, poor concentration and low energy, which can have a serious effect on their performance in school. To help students be their best, make sure they are meeting their necessary H20 requirements throughout the school day with these suggestions for encouraging good hydration habits:

Keep Water Handy

It’s recommended that kids under eight shoot for 4-6 glasses a day, while older children should aim for 6-8 glasses. To help them meet this requirement, provide students with reusable water bottles so they can reach for a drink whenever they’re thirsty. (We recommend these flex bottles or these translucent bottles for students since both are lightweight and durable, plus can be customized with your school logo in a wide rang of colors!) Set aside time at different intervals throughout the day for students to visit the water fountain and fill up their bottles, which will help children stay mindful and establish good water drinking routines.

Make It Tasty

For students who may be used to consuming sugary drinks like sodas and juices with added sweeteners, changing cold turkey to plain water can be a hard sell. Have fussy students add their favorite fruit to these infuser bottles to give water a natural pop of flavor. Also encourage students to stay hydrated and happy by drinking milk and natural fruit juices, which are both healthy alternatives to water.

Promote Healthy Snacking

Do you know you can actually eat your water? Most fruits and vegetables have a high water content, which means encouraging students to eat more produce can also help support hydration goals. Send students home with a printout detailing healthy snack options they can make with mom and dad, and provide lunch bags or containers to students so they are more easily able to bring water-filled foods from home.

Turn on the Fun

The best way to motivate students is through education. Devote some classroom time to talking about hydration and informing kids about the important role water plays in the human body. To accompany these conversations, you can create a fun classroom chart for students to track how many times they drink water everyday, rewarding students who are diligent about hydration with fun prizes.

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