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The benefits of working in a dog-friendly office can be immense if gone about in a respectful way. We caught up with Elizabeth Fagan, the director of marketing of premium dog toy company Planet Dog, to get her insight on the perks of bringing in your pooch.

“Having dogs in the office changes the whole mentality and routine of daily work life in such a positive way,” says Fagan. “There’s something about having dogs around that reminds you to chill out, appreciate the small things and play a bit everyday. Simply put, it’s been life changing for both my dogs and me.”

Try it for yourself on June 23rd for Take Your Dog to Work Day using the tips below to ensure it’s a tail-wagging experience for all.

Get Realistic
It’s important to be realistic about how your pooch interacts with other dogs and humans. “You need to be a responsible pet parent and understand your dog,” says Fagan. The ideal office dog should be mellow, well trained, good with strangers and children (depending on your office environment) and quite. Assess whether or not your dog has the right temperament. If not, it’s in everyone’s best interest if you make other arrangements.

Even if your furry friend does pass the test, it’s still a good idea to keep them on a leash anytime you’re in a non-contained space, such as an open office arrangement or the break room. These custom leashes are a fun way to show some company loyalty while walking your dog around. After all, just because Fluffy is your best friend, doesn’t mean your coworkers will feel the same.

Be Prepared
Before even stepping foot into the office, you should check that your dog is up-to-date on all vaccines and medications, especially if there will be other dogs in the office. Be sure to have them wear a collar with the proper tags. And don’t forget to clip a custom clean up bag dispenser to your dog’s leash so you’re never caught by surprise on walk breaks.

Fagan also recommends gathering supplies, such as toys and treats, ahead of time to make sure your dog will be comfortable. “Having familiar items handy is the best way to keep your dog occupied and engaged,” she says.

(Employer tip: Dog-friendly offices would do well to keep a bowl filled with these single-serving bags of treats for good boys in need of a reward.)

Create Space
“One of the most important things is to avoid putting your dog in stressful situations,” says Fagan. “If your dog is stressed, they’re likely to react in a negative way, so it’s ideal to have space for visiting dogs to run and play together away from busy work areas.”

Limit the stress caused by new environments and strangers by establishing a designated space for your dog to occupy in your office. Pick a place nearby but out of the way of foot traffic, such as under your desk, where they’ll be able to relax while you keep an eye on them. Bring their bed, a food dish and a travel-friendly water bowl (great for longer walks or off-site meetings) to make your office a home away from home.

Have Fun
All work and no play makes for one pent-up pooch. During your lunch break, plan to get your dog moving with a few tosses of a disk flyer. After all, the best part of having your dog at work is the chance to interact with them. “It’s important for dogs to stay healthy and active,” says Fagan, “but the benefits you’ll experience from taking a break to go for a walk are equally amazing.”

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