When someone tells you to “go to your happy place,” where do you envision you are? Wherever it is, it is likely defined by blissed-out enjoyment and relaxation. Investing in swag that will make your customers’ happy place even happier is a great way to promote your brand.

Beach roll up towelThe Beach
Put your logo on fun accessories like sunglasses, beach towels and beach balls that consumers can use during a family trip to the beach. Our bold, stripped beach mats, complete with an inflatable pillow, roll up into a built-in carrier with handles for easy breakdown—a feature overwhelmed parents are sure to appreciate.

Fishing lureThe Fishing Hole
There are few recreational activities more zen-like then fishing by a lake or river. Lures make an amazing promotional giveaway, and we promise that they’re as good at hooking customers as they are at catching fish!

Ceramic camp mugThe Camping Ground
For companies in the outdoor industry, carabineers are an oldie but a goodie when appealing to hikers and climbers. But maybe less obvious is the opportunity to market to consumers during their downtime, such as relaxing around the fire. Campers are sure to enjoy getting cozy with a hot beverage out of these attractive ceramic mugs.

Two-ball golf ball box setThe Green
Golfing is a life-long passion for many and a growing area of interest for millenials—in total, over 25 million people regularly play golf in the US. Golf tees are an inexpensive way to associate your brand with this beloved activity. For a promotional product that’s sure to be a hole in one, try our two-ball box set that includes a place to prominently insert your business card on top.

Winter pom-pom hatThe Slopes
In colder months, escaping to the slopes is a favorite pastime, making it a great opportunity for you to market your brand using promotional winter gear. Pom-pom beanies and smart-touch gloves will have customers warming up to your company in no time.

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