Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 10.23.01 AMWant to instantly up the office vibe? Write a thank you note to an employee or colleague and watch the positive energy roll in.

In honor of the fact that January is National Thank You Month, we thought it only right to do our part in resurrecting one of the oldest ways to show your appreciation: the humble thank you note. Nowadays, the majority of our thank you messages are sent digitally. While a thank you via text, tweet or email is nice, it lacks the impact of an old-fashioned pen-and-paper thank you note.

We’ve assembled 5 tips for crafting the perfect thank you. (You can thank us later.)

Set Aside Time
Give yourself a little breathing room to sit with your thoughts and craft a thoughtful note. 5-10 minutes will give you enough time to carefully articulate your thoughts.

Write It By Hand
An e-mail thank you might work following a half-hearted job interview, but it shouldn’t be used in place of, say, thanking guests for attending your wedding. The act of taking pen to paper goes a long way in underscoring your sincerity. (A good pen can make all the difference. We have one or two lux suggestions that are sure to put you in a generous mood!)

Add Some Pizzazz
Splurge on some nice stationary, cards, or a piece of handmade paper. If you’re spending time crafting the perfect message, the packaging should fit the circumstance. Get creative, and your thank you is sure to make it in the ‘keep’ pile. (We’re particularly partial to our gold thank you cards.)

Keep It Honest
Avoid hyperboles or cookie cutter responses. Be specific about why you’re writing to this person—it’s the surest way to show you’re being genuine. Are you thanking someone for a gift? Avoid generic statements and provide examples of how you might intend to use their generous gift. Even if you’re tasked with writing several thank yous in a row, keeping the message short but personal will make your words ring true every time.

Don’t Wait for an Occasion
While Miss Manners would say there is a time and a place for all types of thank yous, we’re not nearly so strict. In fact, we recommend penning a thank you note whenever the mood hits. Everyone likes receiving a handwritten acknowledgment for all they do.

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