For the last half of 2016, we watched stainless steel drinkware trends rise in popularity with the emergence of new tumblers, bottles, and mugs that are designed to offer the best thermal insulation that drinkware has yet to see. At the end of the year we shared with you the hottest drinkware trends of the season and as 2017 begins, it is clear that their time in the spotlight has only just begun.

One of our most popular double wall vacuum constructed stainless steel tumblers is our YUKON tumbler, available in a 20oz., 30oz., and brand new 10oz. size options. We have also just introduced brand new color options and styles in the 20oz. and 30oz. versions including copper, two-tone, and camouflage.

The YUKON has all the same features and functions of the most popular retail brand stainless steel tumblers:

  • The copper lining provides the top notch thermal retention – the YUKON will keep your cold beverages cold for up to 24 hours and your hot beverages hot for up to 5 ½ hours.
  • The transparent press-in lid with a rubber gasket that provides a secure fit.
  • The double wall vacuum construction keeps the outside of the tumbler a comfortable temperature but the inside of the tumbler steaming hot or icy cold so there is no need for protective sleeves or coasters.

In addition to those top three performance features, the YUKON is also easy to customize with your brand name, marketing message, school, team or other design. It is also available at a price that satisfies your marketing budget.

The YUKON has quickly become a Crestline favorite for employees and customers who have given it a try. Our most frequently asked question about the YUKON is if it really lives up to the claim of keeping your drinks cold for 24 hours. In order to show you that the YUKON is truly built for the extreme and an equivalent alternative, we completed a comparative experiment against the popular Yeti Rambler™.

For this experiment, we took one 20oz. YUKON tumbler and one 20oz. Yeti Rambler™ and filled them each with 5 ice cubes of roughly the same size. Both tumblers were placed in a room that maintained an average temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit with an average of 40% humidity.

Yukon Tumbler and Yeti Rambler

Ice was added to the Yeti and the YUKON at 5:00 PM on a Monday. The YUKON started out at a chilly 27.5°F and the Yeti started at 27.4°F.

The tumblers were checked 14 hours later at 7:00 AM. There was some water accrual from melting ice in each tumbler, but there was still solid ice.

YUKON Tumbler and YETI Rambler

At 5:00 PM on Tuesday, a whole 24 hours later, ice still remained in both the YUKON and the Yeti. The internal temperature of the YUKON had risen to 36.0°F and the internal temperature of the Yeti was at a very close 37.1°F. Accrual of water and remaining ice was nearly the same for each tumbler.

Yukon Tumbler and Yeti Rambler

YUKON Tumbler and YETI Rambler


The results show that the YUKON is capable of maintaining ice for over 24 hours and it is a fair alternative to more expensive retail brands. Now picture it full of your favorite beverage and start dreaming up your custom design!



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