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Trade shows, exhibitions, and conventions can be a great opportunity for your business to gain valuable leads. In order to get the most out of your show, it helps to be fully prepared for anything that the day (or venue) may throw at you.

To help both first-time show exhibitors and seasoned professionals get ready for their next show, we’ve put together a list of items you won’t want to walk onto the show floor without.

Trade Show Checklist – 10 items for Exhibitors

  1. Basic Office Supplies– you never know what you may need, so be sure to pack some basic office supplies such as scissors, tape, paper clips, sticky notes, a sharpie, and pens. Lots of logoed pens.
  2. A Table Cover– You will want to make sure that your table is attractive to attendees as well as easily distinguishable. Custom table covers help to keep your booth looking sharp all day long- they can also be used time and time again so they are a great investment for your brand.
  3. Banners or Signs– In addition to keeping your table looking sharp, you also want to ensure that any other key information about your product, services, and contact information is clearly displayed. Signs and Banners make it easy for you to prominently display such information in an attractive way. It can also help to make you easier to spot among the crowd.
  4. Name Tags/Badge Holders– It is important for attendees to feel like they can reach out to you and ask you any questions you may have. Keeping a name tag or badge visible helps others to identify your name, what company you belong to, and if you feel like it, your job title. This makes it easy for people to get your attention or find you later.
  5. Apparel– Not only is it important for your booth to look top notch, it is also important that your event employees look professional. Providing custom apparel is a great way to give your staff a uniform look and to help tie together your whole brand image. Pick apparel items that complement the rest of your booth set up for a look that is guaranteed to impress!Trade Show Participants
  6. Fun Giveaway-Everyone knows that swag is big at trade shows, so when planning for yours, don’t forget to include an enticing giveaway. Promotional giveaways are a powerful way to make an impression with attendees and leave your brands name on the top of their minds.  When chosen correctly, promotional giveaways can be a powerful piece of your trade show marketing strategy.
  7. First Aid/Safety Essentials– Make sure that every employee working at your trade show booth is taken care of. When traveling, setting up booths, and standing all day, it is likely that it can take a toll on your body. Be prepared for everything from blisters on feet and headaches to small injuries by keeping a first aid kit handy behind the scenes at all times. Remember that when you use items from your firsts aid kit, replace them before your next show so that you are always stocked and prepared.
  8. Hand Sanitizer– Protect yourself from germs while on the trade show floor by always keeping hand sanitizer available. Sanitizer is an easy way to stay clean in between handshakes (which there will be many of). Keeping hand sanitizer available on your table top for other attendees to use too will be well received by many.
  9. Water & Quick Snacks– One of the most important things that you can do during long days at a trade show is to keep yourself hydrated and happy. Water and quick snacks may not always be easily accessible during your busy times when you are unable to step away from your booth so it is a good idea to bring your own water bottle and some easy snacks such as power bars or granola.
  10. Chargers & Tech Items– Today’s trade show halls are full of televisions, tablets, and other electronic devices. These devices can be so helpful for collecting lead information, product demonstrations, and sharing of important materials. If you have digital assets that you intend to share, we know you are planning on bringing your necessary devices, but don’t forget to bring an adequate amount of chargers and other tech accessories.

If you need help shopping for essentials for your next trade show, contact one of our experts today!

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