25 Creative Ways to Use the Cool Clip

The cool clip has been a long time customer favorite for Crestline shoppers—it’s extreme versatility, it’s convenient (who doesn’t need one?), and most importantly it is budget friendly. Clips and magnets are home, office, and education staples, this fantastic item combines the two to give you more ways to use.

When you put your logo on the cool clip, you open up opportunities for repeat exposure in the most coveted places; in the home—the kitchen being the most favorable, and in the workspace.  This is an item that can really have a variety different uses depending on your lifestyle. To prove the many uses for this product, we have put together a list of 25 Creative Ways to Use the Cool Clip!


  1. Hold your mail
  2. Hold a photo
  3. Clip together important documents
  4. Hold up your office calendar
  5. Use as a clipboard for the wall
  6. Keep a chip bag closed
  7. Separate items by task (ex: Teachers could use one clip for lesson plans, one clip for papers that need to be graded, and one clip for papers to hand back).
  8. Clip cords such as headphones or USB cables to the side of your filing cabinet
  9. Hold your grocery list to the fridge
  10. Clip a sign to your home or office dishwasher (if it is magnetic) to indicate whether dishes inside are dirty or clean—a great way to help kids know when they have a chore to do!
  11. Use as a toothpaste squeezer and clip at the end of your paste tube as you use
  12. Hold a cleaning cloth for glasses and other screens on the side of your desk or fridge
  13. Clip your tea bag to the side of your mug
  14. Keep track of business cards
  15. Use it to hold a recipe while you cook
  16. Hang herbs to dry on the side of your fridge
  17. Organize cords under your desk my clipping excess out of the way
  18. Create a weekly schedule/to-do list to hang on your wall, fridge or filing cabinet
  19. Use them to hold up holiday or greeting cards
  20. Put inside of your bathroom medicine cabinet to hold hair ties or other small accessories
  21. Stick to a classroom white board to hold hall or bathroom passes
  22. Hang notes on your office fridge to let co-workers know what food items may be shared
  23. Clip a sign outside of your office or cubicle to indicate “in,” “out,” or “do not disturb.”
  24. Students can use in their locker for notes, reminders, and assignments
  25. Use as a balloon weight at parties or events

Have you customized the cool clip for a past or upcoming promotion? How have you put it to good use??

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