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Promotional Products Work! Week – Day 2

The Leadership Development office at Georgia State University provides leadership training and programming for college students. They offer a variety of programs including workshops, conferences, coffee hours, and social events.

After purchasing bags from Crestline and being very happy with the result, they decided to look to us again when they needed another item for a reoccurring event, their weekly Coffee Talk. The Coffee Talk program provides students with the opportunity to earn prizes for coming back to multiple programs. They were looking for a fun product to use as one of the prizes.

The Stir-It Up coffee mug was exactly what they were looking for, not only was it a nice mug, but it offered a little more. The added spoon made it different than just your regular coffee mug and it also added value and made it a little more attractive to members.

Everyone loved the mug— they were a big hit. Members thought that the color was gorgeous and the size of the mug was perfect, the little spoon is the icing on the cake!

GSU- Mug

The Coffee Talk mug was designed with a fun imprint that reads, “On Wednesdays We Drink Coffee.” This saying is a fun play on a popular line from the movie Mean Girls,  which connects strongly with their college-aged demographic. They mug is appealing and their idea to offer as an incentive to come to more meetings is a perfect way to get this age group involved as well as recruit others.

How do promotional products work for you and your business? Share your photos or stories with us this week in the comments below or on our Facebook or Twitter pages in honor of Promotional Products Work! Week.

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