Cereal City Science (CCS) is a unit of Battle Creek Math and Science Center, located in Michigan.  CCS has developed a Kindergarten through seventh-grade inquiry-based science unit curriculum that is aligned with the Michigan grade level content expectations. The purpose of the program is to provide good, inquiry-based science instruction in the classroom with opportunities for students to engage in all four strands of science proficiency (physical science, life science, earth science and inquiry and technology). The curriculum provides teachers with classroom instruction that includes opportunities for interaction in the classroom, where students carry out investigations, talk and write about their observations and emerging understandings, and discuss ways to test them Each unit undergoes an extensive development and evaluation process. We are in over 300+ districts in the state of Michigan as well as a few districts in other states. We are gearing up to go national with the new national standards. Our customer is the student (and teacher) that uses our kits. “Who knows, we may be influencing a future doctor, engineer or teacher themselves,” says Johna who works for CCS.

CCS came to Crestline because they have some conferences coming up in the spring and they wanted to find a giveaway for their audience that was reasonably priced, age-friendly and gender friendly.

Fun Flavors Lip Balm

They settled on the Fun Flavors Lip Balm, a made in the USA top seller.  Johna said, “Our current state science standards are being replaced with national standards so I added the slogan on the lip balm that reads ‘Kiss your old standards goodbye…” it then prompts the recipient to go to their website to check for updates and more information.

The lip balm ended up being a great giveaway because it fit their price range and they also feel that it will be perfect for the conference because sometimes when you’re in a crowded conference hall, your lips can get dry.

The conference has not yet happened, but they tested out the lip balms with their staff by creating Valentine’s for staff member’s office mailboxes. They Valentine read “You’re the Balm” and the lip balm was paired with a few Hershey Kisses. They were a big hit!

We love that CCS was able to get creative with this giveaway by creating fun taglines based around the giveaway. Both the Valentines and they conference giveaways share their message in a lighthearted way by creating fun word puns. This creativity makes the giveaway that much more memorable after the event is over!

We challenge you to get creative with your next giveaway, what can you do to make a simple, practical giveaway such as lip balm more memorable and impactful?

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