When picking out promotional products for giveaways, thank you’s, appreciation gifts or any other occasion, the goal is always to make an impact. Sometimes that impact may be awareness, other times it may be relationship building. No matter what kind of impact you’re trying to make, finding items that recipients will want to hold onto is important.
If you are dealing with a specific niche market for your promotion, you may find it to pick out just the right item that you know your recipients will want to keep, be we know it is not always that easy! Sometimes audiences are more diverse and it can be difficult to find an item that is meaningful to everyone. In situations like that, we turn to the basics.

Here are 7 items that recipients can never have enough of:

First Aid Kits
From busy moms to college students, first aid kits will always come in handy! A small first aid kit is great for moms to keep in their purse or the car. For students of all ages, first aid kits can be kept in backpacks or dorm rooms for the older kids. Items in first aid kits are always useful. Unfortunately, us humans are always just a paper cut or a headache away from benefiting from a first aid kit, so why would anyone ever pass up an opportunity keep one? First aid kits are also amazing event giveaways because it’s possible that they may become necessary AT the event, and then you really look like a great.
Phone Chargers
Let’s face it, most of us are on our phones all the time. We use our phones to communicate, to find information, to make tasks easier and more. As a consequence, most of us need to charge our phones daily (sometimes more, am I right?). With all the traffic that our phones get, it is easy for charging cords to break over time or for us to forget them when we go away to an event. If you are giving away a phone charger, people will love to get their hands on them! At an event or as an add-on premium item, phone chargers will be well received by your recipients.
Has it ever started raining 5 minutes before you’re set to leave work for the day? This always seems to happen when your umbrella is in the car. You can’t easily use it to keep you dry if you have to walk through the rain to get it! This is where having a backup umbrella to keep in your desk, at home or in the car is convenient. Umbrellas are great giveaways because they can be year round to protect the user from snow, rain and sun. The more umbrellas you have the higher the chance that you will actually have one where you need it when you need it. Umbrellas are also great for events with out of area guests. If you know you are having an event in the Spring, a generally rainy season in many areas, planning to give away umbrellas is a great way to be prepared for any weather!
Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers
Antibacterial hand sanitizers are a great way to protect yourself and others against germs. Hand sanitizers work for so almost any event or industry. They are popular items for schools, trade shows, cold and flu season and more. They are also always good to have on hand or in your purse. It’s always good to have an extra for unexpected messes.
Water Bottles
People always need drinkware, which is why it is such a popular category for promotional products. From fun runs to trade shows and school functions, water bottles are always useful giveaways that people will want to keep, even if they already have others at home.
Reusable Bags
Reusable bags and grocery totes can be used for a number of different promotions and events. More and more consumers have been using reusable bags for their groceries. With this growing trend, it is no surprise that reusable bags are another item that shoppers can never have too many of. Recipients use reusable bags for groceries, work, the gym and more sharing your logo with each trip.
Pens may seem like a cliche, but they truly are an item that people will always find useful. Promotional pens have been a popular giveaway for a long time, but their practicality keeps them popular. Pens have been used for marketing purposes for a while yet they still serve their purpose diligently.
What other promotional items do you think you can never have enough of?? Share in the comments below!

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