Event Essentials Kit

Are you hosting or attending and event (or a series of events) this year? Whether this is your first time or your 40th time putting together an event or trade show, there are a few basics that never change. In order for your event or trade show to be successful, you need to make sure that attendees have everything they need to get the most out of their experience. There are a few essentials that you can provide your attendees with to enhance their event experience and keep your brand in their minds long after they leave your event.

3 Essential Items to Provide for Attendees at Your Next Event

  1. A good tote bag. Anytime you attend a trade show, conference or convention it’s almost guaranteed that you will leave at the end of the day with more than you started with! With giveaways, business cards, product catalogs, fliers and other materials being handed out every step of the way, attendees need a good bag to keep everything in. Tote bags are also especially helpful when you have out of area guests attending your event; many people who are flying to your event will not want to waste space in their luggage by bringing their own tote bag for your event. Choose a tote that is practical yet stylish so that attendees will be more likely to keep using it after your event!
  2. A lanyard or neck wallet. Networking is a big part of events and providing a lanyard that comes with a badge or ID holder allows attendees to clearly and easily display their name and company information or job title. This makes attendees more approachable for networking. It also helps when those working the event or manning a trade show booth also have name tags so that those with questions can easily address them. Many conferences and ticketed events can also take advantage of a lanyard or neck wallet by making it a way for attendees to easily display and access entry information.
  3. A journal and pen. Trade shows, conferences, and other like events are full of valuable information. Provide attendees with a fresh notebook and pen when they arrive at your event so that all of their notes from the day can be easily kept in one place. Attendees can use this gift to keep track of new information, new connections, questions, interesting products and reminders of things they want to follow up on when they get back from your event. Choosing a small jotter or journal will make writing quick notes on the go easy and will save room in their tote bags for other items.

These three essentials are a great way to help event attendees make the most of your event! By customizing each one of these items, you are also able to turn these essentials into effective marketing materials. We’ve taken the hard work out of gathering these items by creating an Event Essentials kit that is exclusive to Crestline!

Our Event Essentials kit includes a budget friendly version of each one of these items customized with your businesses logo. This kit is ideal for trade shows, conferences, orientations, and conventions. All items can be packed into the tote bag and handed out to attendees as they arrive!

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