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Technology devices have become an integral part of our lives. Mobile devices and tablets keep us connected, informed and amused. Our cell phones have become our new alarm clocks for waking up, our GPS for navigating the world, our calendar, our notepad, our personal assistant. We access a great deal of information everyday through these devices. Technology occupies such a large part of our lives that it makes sense to find accessories that enhance these beloved tech items even more.

Here are 10 must-have tech accessories for you to customize with your logo:

Power banks

Power banks are one tech accessory that you will never want to leave home without. Power banks can charge compatible mobile devices and tablets from anywhere. They are perfect for long days, travel and unexpected emergencies such as power outages. The amount of charge that a power bank gives your phone or tablet will vary based on the size of the power bank. You can learn more about picking the right power bank for your device and needs in our Complete Guide to Promotional Power Banks.

Car Chargers

Car chargers are another way to ensure that you stay connected while away from home. Power adapters for vehicles make it possible to charge your tech devices while driving. This is a great accessory to keep in your car or travel bag, especially if you are traveling a long distance or you use your mobile device as a GPS or to play music while driving.

Adhesive Phone Wallets

Adhesive phone wallets or tech pockets are perfect for times when you don’t want to carry much. Tech pockets stick strongly to the back of your phone and can hold essential items like a photo ID, credit card or hotel key card.This is an easy way to keep important items in a convenient and accessible location.

Whizzie Spotter Ties

If you’ve never heard of a Whizzie®, you are missing out on one of the best accessories for organization. Whizzie spotter ties are silicon ties that are perfect for keeping charging cords, earphones, and other cords neat and tangle free.This is one accessory that you can never have enough of! Still not exactly sure why you need a Whizzie? Check out this list of 45 Ways to Use the Whizzie Spotter Tie.

Stylus Pens

The only thing better than a perfect pen that writes just the way you like it is a pen that also has a stylus tip! Stylus pens work just like the touch of your finger on most touch screen devices, but allow you to have better precision with clicking and writing.

Headphones and Earbuds

Whether you prefer headphones or earbuds, this tech accessory is definitely a must have. Headphones make it easy to listen to music, watch a webinar or catch up on you favorite TV show without disturbing others around you. Headphones are perfect for travel, the gym or working in open spaces. Amp Headphones

Cleaning Cloths

Our technology items get a lot of use and as a consequence, they can get pretty dirty.Touch screens especially have a tendency to get grubby from our hands. Technology cleaning cloths make it easy to quickly shine up the screen of your device.

Portable Speakers

A portable speaker is a great addition to your tech accessory arsenal.You no longer have to spend a lot of money to get a decent portable speaker. Most portable speakers are small and compact making them easy to bring along anywhere.

USB Flash Drives

USB Flash Drives are an easy way to share information on the go. Flash Drives are easily portable, have plenty of storage room and can be used in creative ways. These tiny devices are a staple for any tech user!

A Reliable Case

Because our technology devices get so much use and are often carried around in bags and pockets, it is easy for them to suffer from damage and ware. Help protect your frequently used technology items by using a case that keeps them safe. Cases and sleeves are an easy way to protect important and expensive devices.

What is your favorite tech accessory? What do you use to make your favorite devices work better for you?

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