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What better way to share your brand than by wearing it? 48% of U.S. consumers own logoed shirts making custom apparel one of the top selling categories in the promotional product industry. Promotional apparel can be used for any business and can be implemented in many ways to successfully share your logo. 57% of U.S. consumers feel more favorable about the advertiser who gave them a promotional shirt—that’s a great reason to customize your own!

How to Use Promotional Apparel


Custom apparel can be used as corporate dress to give your business a professional appearance. Promotional apparel makes employees easy to spot at events and in stores. It also is a way for you to further identify what your brand is all about and set the tone of your storefront, booth or event.

Tees, polos and other apparel items also make great uniforms for recreational sports and other team events. It helps to unite your team and help share your sponsors or your team’s mascot.


Apparel items are the perfect fundraising option. Everyone can use apparel whether it is a t-shirt, sweatshirt or jacket, their practicality makes them an item that people are willing to purchase. Since consumers see the value in apparel items and buy them in support of your cause. In addition, selling custom apparel allows you to spread further awareness of your fundraising campaign.

Commemorate an Event

From concerts to festivals and more, custom apparel has long been a popular way to commemorate an event. Event attendees will wear their promotional apparel long after the event is over. This can be especially beneficial for annual or anniversary events because it continues to promote the event all throughout the year. Event apparel can be given out as a gift for attending or it can be made available for purchase by attendees.

Gift or Reward

Corporate gifts and awards are a great way to recognize employees and clients for their loyalty and achievements. High-quality apparel items are very well received corporate gifts and awards. Last year, everyone at Crestline received an imprinted pullover as a gift after a year of hard work, everyone still wears them to work all the time. Employees or customers will wear gifted apparel items proudly all year long, each time they will gain quality impressions for your brand.

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Other Apparel Qualities to Consider

Before diving into custom apparel for your business, there are a few other qualities to consider. Before picking your items consider sizing, material and style.

Sizing is important because you want everyone to be comfortable in your custom apparel. Make sure that if you are investing in apparel for a family event, that you offer youth and adult sizes. If you are ordering custom apparel that is to be used as workwear you may want to consider picking a product that is available in women’s and men’s sizing instead of unisex since an appropriate fit is crucial to looking professional.

Material matters. Not all materials are created equal, some are made to wick moisture, some are made to keep you warm and others some are ideal for casual wear. If you are buying apparel for an event that involves physical activity such as a sport or wellness walk/run, you will want to make sure you select a breathable fabric that is specific for active wear. If you are just looking for something for employees to wear at work, try a dress shirt or tee that is made from a comfortable material.

The style of promotional apparel that you choose can help you to communicate your brand and your message more clearly. Make sure that the apparel that your are choosing will convey the right tone for your brand.


Do you have more questions about promotional apparel? Feel free to reach out to us!


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