8.12 Calendars

Get a jump on the upcoming year by putting your logo on custom printed calendars today. Calendars are a convenient way to keep track of appointments, events, vacations and more. By putting your logo on a promotional calendar, you are allowing your brand to become a part of the recipient’s day-to-day activities.

Here are 6 reasons to put your logo on a promotional calendar:

1. Recipients will think of your brand every time they look at their calendar, which will increase business with your brand and increase sales revenue for you!

2. The average household has 3.12 printed calendars!! Don’t think that just because your customer already has a calendar that they will not use yours. Many people keep promotional calendars in more than one room of their home because they are useful and easy to keep around!

3. 75% of households depend on a kitchen calendar. The kitchen is a high-traffic area in the home and most people spend multiple hours in their kitchen each day making it a convenient place to keep track of important dates on a calendar.

4. Promotional calendars provide 365 days of exposure for your brand!

5. 98% of people look at a calendar every day. With something that is so widely used, why wouldn’t you want to put your logo on it?

6. 74% of those who receive a custom printed calendar remember the name of the advertiser who gave it to them. This increased brand recognition will make your customers think of you over others when it comes time to make a purchase.


Information from BIC Graphic Fact sheet.




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