Do you have a trade show or expo coming up? Whether it is your first trade show or your fourteenth, we have some easy tips that will help you look professional and sell more at your next show. We know that when it comes to grabbing attention, a little bit of extra focus on presentation can go a long way when it comes to your end return.

What can you do before the event?

Leading up to your trade show(s),  you should do your best to promote the event like it is your own to anyone you think could be a valuable lead if they learned more about your product or service. This means to prospects, customers or even local businesses in your area. If you think that educating these groups could make them want to purchase more, or become a customer, it is valuable to let them know about the event.

Speak to the event organizers ahead of time and get the lowdown on your booth location. Where is it in relation to the entrance? How big is it? Will you have access to power? How is the lighting? Who will be next to you? Knowing as much as possible about where you will be set up will allow you to make the best use of your space and time. It can also help you decide what items you should use in your display to attract the most traffic.

At The Event

Look Sharp

Make sure your booth has a cohesive look. All of your branding materials should match. Use custom table covers and throws that clearly represent your brand. Make sure that your employees are dressed appropriately for the show and for your business. If possible, have them wear branded apparel or everyone dress in a uniform fashion.  Use background displays that compliment your table throws and employees apparel. Try to avoid making everything one color. If your table throws, employee attire and backdrop all lack contrast, it may make you look less professional. Take advantage of whites and blacks to play up your brand colors.

The Office of Facilities Management and Reliability at the Smithsonian used our Standard Table Throw to make their tables pop!

The Office of Facilities Management and Reliability at the Smithsonian used our Standard Table Throw to make their tables pop!

Be Approachable

Having a great booth display is not enough to get attendees to stop by. In order for people to feel welcomed at your booth, you must look approachable. One way to make attendees feel like you are available to take is by wearing name badges and making sure they are clearly displayed. This tells attendees that you want them to know who you are. Posture can also influence how welcoming you look. Make sure your employees are alert, standing up, not using devices such as smartphones and tablets and are presenting themselves in a cheerful and friendly way.

Make It Interactive

Everybody loves a chance to do something fun or win a prize. Bring something that gets people involved to your next trade show like a game such as our drop winnings board or something interactive on an iPad. This will give attendees a good feeling about your brand, help you stand out and get them ready to learn more about what your business has to offer.

Cut the Clutter

It is easy to want to bring too much to your trade show, but it is important to make sure that you are not cluttering up your area. A cluttered booth can make information hard to find or skim over. For some, providing too much may scare some attendees away. Instead of filling your table with everything you have to offer, take advantage of banners and signs to give general information about the product or service you are trying to display. Keep additional information behind the booth and out of the way or offer to send it digitally if it is relevant to a particular attendee. It is even a good idea to keep your swag or other giveaways out of reach from anyone passing by. Make attendees work for those giveaways—don’t leave them where passersby can just grab them without actually having an interest in your business.

Keep In Touch

The point of going to trade shows is to gain leads and make sales. In order to do that, it is important that you make yourself easy to keep in touch with. Make sure you have something to offer that is going to make attendees want to reach out to you after the show. A thoughtful giveaway is a great way to help them recall your brand and reach out to you in the future. Hand out your giveaways with a business card after your conversation is over.

What other tips do you have for looking great at trade shows? Share with us in the comments below!

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