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Have you ever traveled for an event and realized once you got to the location that you did not come fully prepared for the climate? When attendees are traveling to your event from out of the area, it is likely that they may not know exactly what to expect weather wise for that particular time of year. If you live in Seattle, it may seem like a no-brainer to you to bring an umbrella with you everywhere you go, but a visiting guest may not think about that.

This is where climate-related promotional products can be extremely successful. Climate-related products can be used at events year round, especially in regions where the weather changes drastically from day to day or season to season. You can never go wrong with promotional products that help keep your guests prepared for the region’s weather.

Weather Accessories


As far as event giveaways go, apparel is already a great item. Imprinted apparel is a great way to spread the word of your event around the area as well as in new areas when attendees bring them home. Apparel items such as hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts, and outerwear can help event attendees adapt better to the weather during the event. If you know your event is happening during a time of year that is hotter than usual, rainier than usual or windy, apparel items will help you keep your guests comfortable.


Rain showers can be quite regular in many regions making umbrellas a perfect giveaway. Umbrellas come in many compact, lightweight options allowing them to fit well in a purse or briefcase. Attendees will always remember you if you save them getting soaked on their way home from your event! Umbrellas are also great for summer events that are outdoors in the sun. They offer shade which can be hard to come by at events.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen and sunglasses offer protection from harmful UV rays. For any outdoor event, no matter what time of year, sunglasses and sunscreen can provide you with the necessary protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Sunscreen is something that can very easily be forgotten when traveling to a trade show or conference for business, but if there are outdoor networking events or if attendees have time to venture off on their own, they run the risk of getting sun burnt. When they’re out in the sun, attendees will thank you for remembering the sun protection.

Hats, Gloves, Scarfs

These are items that we don’t really like thinking about in the spring and summer, but if you are planning an event for the fall or winter, people will be dying to get their hands on these items. Hats are great year round, depending on the type. Beanies can keep you warm in the summer and baseball caps and sun hats can protect you from the sun in the warmer summer months. For those who don’t regularly wear hats, it can be easy to forget one when packing for your trip!

Snow/Ice Scrapers

It seems a crazy to think about snow scrapers in May, but if your currently planning a winter event and you live in an area that experiences frost and snow, snow scrapers will be appreciated. Many people who are traveling from out of the area may be renting a vehicle and it’s not guaranteed that it will be equipped with proper snow removing devices. Custom ice scrapers make great giveaways that will keep attendees seeing clearly on the road.

Promotional weather items help you provide your guests with something they are likely to use and you may even save them from having to make a purchase (double plus). Another great benefit of promotional weather items is that they will never be off trend– unlike tech items or other fad products, umbrellas and sunscreen will always be necessary so if you have extra, you will always be able to use them.


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